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An alternative financing is a collective term for all financing that is not bank. However, it may be that the financier offers the same products as a bank. The bank and external financier can also work together. The financing that is then obtained is called the financing mix.

Atlantis Financiers is an experienced financier for SMEs. We look at the form in which a loan suits your company best, but we dare to take more risks than the average financier. As a result, there are often more options than you may have in mind. In addition to financing, we are also specialized in debtor management .

If you are an entrepreneur with a minimum annual turnover of € 250,000 and with a financing requirement, you can submit a financing application using the form on the right. When we have received this complete and correct, you will usually be contacted within 48 hours.

Impulse credit

Impulse credit

There are various forms of alternative financing. For example, Atlantis Financiers offers the Impulse Credit . With this credit you are not only protected against non-paying debtors, you also get pre-financed invoices that have not yet been paid. Up to 100% of the outstanding invoices are financed.

Suppose you have delivered your product or service to your customer. The invoice has been prepared and sent, but has not yet been paid. The impulse credit from Atlantis Financiers offers a solution here. We provide maximum coverage and finance up to 100% of your outstanding invoices. Both in the Netherlands and abroad. We ensure that you can expand your working capital immediately. With an Impulse Credit from Atlantis Financiers you have certainty about your working capital.

The Impuls Krediet works as follows: you inform Atlantis Financiers how much your outstanding debt portfolio is, then you receive an amount for this to be able to invest directly in your company. Your debtor portfolio serves as collateral for Atlantis Financiers. The advantage is that you immediately have assets, instead of an outstanding receivable from your customers. Other benefits include the generous credit terms. For more information about this, contact one of our employees.

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There are costs associated with any financing that is not a gift. So also with alternative financing. How much this is depends on which provider you choose. In addition, it also depends on how creditworthy your company is and how much financing you get. In general, custom work is used to calculate costs. This ensures that the financing suits you well and does not lend you unwise, but also ensures that it is not possible at present to make a judgment about the costs associated with the financing.

There are, for example, the interest costs. How much these amounts depends on your personal situation. When taking out a financing, for example, it must first be looked at how much your company can borrow. We also look at the creditworthiness of your company. When this is determined, the interest rate is set. The higher your credit rating, the higher the chance of a lower interest rate.

In addition, there are closing costs. Depending on the provider you choose, there are other costs. For this reason, it is advisable that before you hire a financier, you request a free quote from various financing providers. That way you can not only compare the different providers on costs, but also on terms and conditions. This ensures that you can choose the provider that not only fits you and your company best, but is also the most economical for you.


Debtor management

Why choose a financier other than the bank?

For many companies it is difficult to get financing via the bank. In this way they end up with alternative financing. Via a lender other than the bank, it is usually easier to get financing if you have a small to medium-sized company.

In addition, an alternative provider may apply better conditions than your bank. This can ensure that you are cheaper when you take out financing in this way.

Here too it is important to conduct research into who the financier is and what the conditions are for taking out a loan .

Another reason for opting for alternative financing is having a negative BKR registration. When you choose crowdfunding as an alternative form of financing, you get the money from different people or organizations. In this way the financing is a gift, as a result of which it is not registered with the BKR. In addition, it is not checked in this way whether you already have a negative BKR registration. Crowdfunding does not have to be a gift, but this is often the case.


Atlantis Financiers can help you

Atlantis Financiers can help you

Are you an entrepreneur with a minimum annual turnover of € 250,000 and with a financing requirement? Atlantis Financiers is happy to help you further. When you submit a financing request via the button below and we have received it complete and correct, you will usually be contacted within 48 hours about the options.

Keep in mind that we use customization. This ensures that certain matters cannot yet be pronounced. Things like how much you can borrow , how much interest you have to pay and how much you have to pay back each month, all depend on your personal situation.