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Bank is a national and international credit institution. In Brazil it offers several services, lines of credit and financial products differentiated for all types of classes. HSBC has an agency throughout the Brazilian territory, in the product portfolio, the client obtains personal loans and financing for all purposes ..

The credit institution has been operating in Brazil since 1997. Its headquarters is located in the city of Curitiba, and in the world it has more than 9,000 branches in all continents. Its units are equipped with a first world structure, the staff are always on hand to provide excellent customer service, both for account holders and non-account holders who want banking services, lines of credit, cards, other services and products.

Do you want to borrow money? Do you want affordable interest rates? Whether exclusive lines of credit, HSBC offers, in addition to the ease and advantages granted to customers seeking quick and easy money, the terms and interest rates for hiring are very attractive.

You need money to solve a problem in your budget or finances, HSBC grants loan applications as quickly and safely as possible, and reduced bureaucracies in almost every operation.

Products, services and lines of credit

Products, services and lines of credit


HSBC provides numerous lines and modality for hiring: Payroll Loans, Personal Loans, Settled Loans, Real Estate Loans, Vehicle Financing, Receivables Advance, Credit Operations and Leasing etc.

And financial services such as: Current Account, Personal Loans and Financing, Credit Cards, Investments, Capitalization, Insurance, Pension Plans, Consortium, International Services, Annual Debt Discharge Statement and Annual Statement of Tariffs, Interest and Charges.

Financial protection

Financial protection

One offered service that we believe to be essential, is the “Financial Protection”, with this service the HSBC client gets much quieter when hiring a personal credit or personal loan. When you apply, ask for the Financial Protection Insurance . Being protected, the insurance guarantees the payment of the installments if there are any unforeseen in the finances, another advantage is to be able to compete for monthly raffles in the amount of R $ 10 thousand reais.

Types of loans

Types of loans

HSBC Personal Loan : It is an ideal credit solution for those who want to get money without too much complication, interest rates are low, installment due date and repayment term can be chosen, the term varies by up to 24 months.

HSBC payroll-deductible loans : With the consignment credit facility, civil servants, employees of private companies and beneficiaries of the INSS can count on the facilities to collect money at the best interest rates on the market. without bureaucracy, the discounts of the installments are made directly with the discount on the payroll (Counter-check, Salary or Benefit) of the contractor.

The maximum limit for payroll-deductible loans depends on the assignable margin and HSBC’s assessment to determine the amount to be released.

HSBC Vehicle Financing : Did you like a car you saw at the dealership or the magazine and decided to buy it but do not have enough money to complete the deal? So you must know about HSBC bank vehicle financing , there are 4 financial operating modes: “Auto Finance”, “Auto Credit”, “Leasing” and “Auto Gold Card”. Once requested, vehicle financing approval is completed in a few minutes, the payment term is over, up to 48 months.

HSBC Real Estate Financing : You who are looking for a property, house or apartment to buy, with the line “financing for the purchase of real estate of HSBC”, the future borrower achieves elongated terms, competitive rates starting at 9.5% per year, orientation in the choice of the appropriate property, advice for the closing of the business and also the possibility of financing the costs of notary, ITBI and much more.