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Money borrowed with dirty name in banks and financiers, do you believe it is capable if you can carry out this kind of financial operation in Brazil? Being with the dirty name implies a series of restrictions and vexations, it is practically unavoidable the failure to obtain credit in the square. Everyone knows that the lender looks irregularly at the person who has failed to honor their credit and financial commitment and so will be subjected to the inability to get approved for a new loan , financing or credit card.

This means that you have not paid your credit obligations in the past, as the dirty name has no right to solicit them in private or public financial institutions, especially conventional personal loan, credit limit, overdraft and general financing.

But Carla, the “payroll loan lends money to anyone with a dirty name on the square .” Actually, borrowed money with dirty name on the payroll is not a problem, since, who guarantees the loan is not the contractor but the body that he belongs, for example: public employee, retired and pensioner of the INSS and employees of private companies.

How to get money borrowed with dirty name

 How to get money borrowed with dirty name

For these dirty-named people to borrow money, companies or the organs need to have covenants for it. So in fact if the “dirty-named person” could not give that guarantee, she could not get the loan, either.

In Brazil this type of credit practically does not exist, except for a few exceptions, when it has, the interest is so high that it is better to continue with the debts. In some cases, the candidate for   loan with a dirty name still needs to join or become a member of some cooperative or class association. Fortunately or unfortunately the credit market still does not look to the debtors with due respect. Here in Brazil, the Debtor is regarded as a deadbeat and therefore has virtually no right to anything.

Legally getting money borrowed with dirty name is not easy, it’s very complicated. I know some legal companies that lend money to those with a dirty name – for individuals, interest is almost double – the amounts released do not exceed R $ 1,500 reais in 8 times at most. Catching up with lender who makes moneylender is a shot in the other foot in the head, run away from them!

Going crazy, going crazy, banging your head on the wall, despairing too will not do any good. The most appropriate is to list all your debts, get in touch with each of your creditors, the cards ask the blockade not to continue to run interest, then negotiate, financial debts, talk to the lender, divide several times of small values , if it is a returned check, one-to-one redemption, and so on until it has a clean name and credit in the square again.

Keep in mind one thing, my dear web surfer and reader of the Blog, the possibility of getting you more than $ 1,500 reais with dirty name in SPC and Serasa is almost null, especially if you do not fit the situations explained in the third paragraph.

Dirty name limits credit, loan and new job

Still unable to clear the name of SPC and Serasa

Borrowing money through personal loans or bank and financial financing has become a very promising business in Brazil, so much so that we currently see national coverage in the disclosure of credit offers for all types of bank and non-bank clients.

Borrow money

 Borrow money

One of the financing companies that has offered the most “borrowed money” is the Crefisa financial loan even if the person has the name dirty, it is possible to get loan in the dozens of stores scattered throughout the country.

CredCard is also another credit financing company that has invested heavily in advertising for those who wish to apply for personal loans with exclusive facilities, especially for those who are already a client and who have a Card from the issuer.

Borrow money depending on the modality or the credit line the interest rates are very high. Banks charge high fees for overdrafts, Financials apply interest rates out of the reality for those who are not a frequent customer and the Card Administrators are offering financing operations of invoices and even personal loans to install on several occasions, however, it is good analyze first before concluding any deal with Card Issuers and Administrators.

Who wants to borrow money should ..

Those who wish to “request money” using the pre-approved loan, find rates little more attractive, however, the cost of money varies according to the profile and relationship of the client with the financial institution, is still an expensive operation, given the fact of being a loan with no guarantee to the creditor (Bank). The higher the credit risk, the higher the interest rate applied.

We all know that banking and financial institutions offer lines of credit to lend money at lower and more attractive rates, such as financing for the purchase of goods and the payroll loan with maximum interest of 2.14%. It is enough for the client to know which line of credit is best for making the most suitable loan application .

If you are willing to borrow money from a bank or financial institution beforehand, plan how much you want to borrow, how much you pay, and what type of loan you are eligible for. Determining the amount, the form of payment and the lending institution can affect directly in your pocket, for more or less, you are the one who decides.

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Borrowing money is not free money

If you are borrowing money, which is sometimes super essential, you have to understand that you are not only taking money but are also paying interest rates, taxes and additional fees, and can also limit what you can do financially future.

Instead of continuing to spend without need for example, you can double your efforts to repay this debt and perhaps other credit card debt.

One more thing, be careful not to fall into the scams, scams and scam of the loan with restriction name on the dozens of sites that are infesting the internet.