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Although we associate loans with submitting an application at a bank branch, queues and tedious formalities, today it does not have to be this way. We can check out and take advantage of the online payday advance offer. 

FinTech has taken over the online quick loans sector. The combination of finance and technology has perfectly responded to the needs of customers who expect convenient, time-wasting solutions today. Technology has also quickly entered the banking sector. Banks noted that modern borrowers want to use electronic services and apply for a loan instead of at the bank – to submit online. The power of finance and technology has already taken over the banking world, cash credit has become a service that we can easily find in the offer of banking institutions.

Modern technologies are changing the market for the benefit of customers. They have easier access to financial products, which in situations requiring it to help them to support finances. So how do you sign a loan agreement online?

Online loan and contract

Conclusion of a contract via the Internet has the same legal effect as a document signed in the presence of a bank employee. The same rules apply to it.

How to take an online loan?

  1. We choose the offer we want to use.
  2. We decide on the loan amount and the loan period.
  3. We submit an online loan application, entering the required data, including name, surname, number, and series of ID card and contact information.
  4. We are waiting for the bank’s credit decision.
  5. If the answer is positive, we read the documents we will receive by e-mail and approve the contract.
  6. We receive funds from the activated loan.

The rules are simple and transparent. For some banking institutions, a consultant contacts us. It presents the detailed terms of the offer and verifies our data. After examining the application by the bank, he calls us again to conclude a contract during the interview (with amounts up to PLN 20,000). Larger loans require documents to be delivered by courier.

Three ways to sign a loan agreement online

Lenders try to adapt to the needs of customers by offering them different ways to sign a loan agreement online. Not everyone wants to receive documents by email, some still prefer tradition to modernity. Other formalities can be carried out online, but they would prefer to sign the contract in person. This possibility is provided, among others, by PKO BP.

An online loan agreement can be signed in three ways:

  • 100 percent contract Internet – without sending additional documents and visiting the ward. We approve the agreement online by logging into the bank’s website and signing it with the code from the active authorization tool. After the creditor checks the contract, we have continuous access to it on our account,
  • Contract via courier – when the bank approves our application, the contract is delivered by courier. Before knocking on our door, we can read the document by logging into the website. Later, we also have permanent access to it,
  • Agreement at the bank branch – after receiving the loan agreement, we receive an e-mail or SMS with an invitation to visit the bank’s outlet. There, we optionally present additional documents and sign the contract. As in the previous two options, we always have the right to check the provisions of the contract on the banking institution’s website.

Verification of online banking customers

Banks, just like lenders, verify their clients. They often require income certificates, but it is not enough for them to accept the application. They must also check our credit standing and credit history to make sure that we pay the liability. How do they verify? Deriving data from the Credit Information Bureau. The BIK report allows individual clients to check their credit history, and banks to determine the credibility of borrowers. BIK collects both positive and negative data, which will be the reason to refuse financial support. Banks can also look into debtors’ registers, e.g. BIG InfoMonitor and KRD, and even look for information on social networks. That is why it is not always worth bragging about a new car or placing too many photos from holiday travels. The lender considers that since we spend money with a light hand, it may not be enough for us to pay the installment.

The repayment of the liability is the borrower’s responsibility, but it is only after its verification that the bank becomes convinced that it will actually pay the liability. Sometimes customers decide to pay off the loan early, hoping that they will be able to save money. But is that really the case? It is true that the Consumer Act of December 18, 2011¹ indicates that amounts that do not exceed PLN 255,500 can be returned early and there are no financial consequences. There are, however, exceptions when such a fee should be paid, e.g. for loans with a fixed interest rate. Therefore, whether it is worth settling the liability before the deadline depends on the particular loan.

The most common goals of the loan and other obligations

When we apply for additional funds, we usually know exactly what we are going to spend them on. The main purpose of the loan and other liabilities are housing intentions. 56 percent of the respondents wanted to buy, buy or renovate their own accommodation. 23 percent of the respondents financed the car thanks to the cash received. In turn, a quarter of respondents took home appliances/electronics/household appliances on credit ².

Purpose of the loan is one of the main (next to creditworthiness) factors that affect the amount of the obligation. Let’s not decide on the amounts we won’t be able to pay back so as not to fall into financial trouble, such as a debt spiral.