$ 140 billion global bicycle markets, 2021-2027


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The global bicycle market, at $ 43.7 billion in 2020, experiences strong growth through 2027. It is expected to reach $ 140.5 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 18.1% from 2020 to 2027.

Global markets are poised for continued growth as bicycles prove their value by encouraging healthy exercise efforts. Reducing exposure to Covid-19 while commuting to work is a key benefit of cycling.

The Covid-19 restrictions have placed restrictions on the activities of businesses and people. The restrictions have resulted in increased use of bicycles. The spread of Covid has created demand for social distancing affecting transportation. The response to the pandemic requires people to switch their modes of transportation to methods that do not present the risks associated with public transport – risks associated with subways and buses. Bicycles meet this need.

The demand for bicycles has started to increase rapidly with Covid. Cycling, an easy form of recreation and exercise, easily adapts to a transport vehicle within cities and suburbs. It is also a mode of transport that decreases the risk of infection. Subsidies to encourage the purchase of bicycles and policies to build infrastructure such as cycle lanes have contributed to the rise of cycling.

According to the lead author of this bicycle market study, “During the current pandemic, bicycles have become a preferred mode of transportation. Public transport, subways, buses, Uber and taxis carry a risk of infection. Bicycles have become seen as a safer way to get around. “

Workers in all industries, especially those deemed essential, including direct caregivers, quickly see bicycle transport as the safest way to and from work.

During the pandemic, government-provided shelters, bicycles and rotating balls in place for indoor exercises became popular. People stuck at home frequently use bicycles for exercise. When they are out for a few minutes, cycling is a good way to get around and stay away from people who could be contagious. Bicycle markets are expected to experience significant growth due to circumstances resulting from COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) to reduce the risk of transmission to healthy people.

Growth in bicycle markets is expected to last five years and possibly beyond. The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is expected to continue to pose a risk for the next three to four years, and people are expected to use bicycles to avoid the risks during this time. Momentum will carry the market for another three years.

Key topics

  • Bicycles
  • Electric bikes
  • Mountain bike
  • Road bikes
  • Cargo bikes
  • Children’s bikes
  • Bicycle components
  • COVID-19 restrictions
  • Home orders
  • Transport restrictions
  • Heart health
  • Bikes and social distancing
  • Transport that reduces the risk of infection
  • Subsidies to encourage the purchase of bicycles
  • Policies to build
  • Infrastructure
  • Cycle paths
  • Bike forecast
  • Bicycle market shares
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the bicycle market
  • Current demand – Recovery schedule
  • Industry disruptions
  • Short and long term changes in the industry
  • Changes in consumer behavior, to what extent the changes are likely to become permanent
  • Supply Chain Operations – Building a more stable and resilient supply chain
  • Growing market segments
  • Pockets of Growth During COVID-19 and Beyond
  • Marketing in this new industry climate
  • Exposure – Risks

Main topics covered:

1. Bicycles: market description and market dynamics
1.1 Impact of the Corona virus on bicycle sales
1.2 In the United States, the government has declared bicycles to be an essential element of transportation

2 Bicycle market shares and forecasts
2.1 Driving forces of the bicycle market
2.1.1 Bicycles and Covid-19
2.1.2 Bicycle market shares, units
2.2 Bicycle market shares
2.3 Bicycle forecast
2.3.1 People opt for a healthy lifestyle by cycling
2.3.2 Consumers’ inclination towards a healthy lifestyle associated with favorable government initiatives
2.4 Bicycle market segments
2.4.1 Road bikes
2.4.2 Mountain / mountain bikes
2.4.3 Electric bikes
2.4.4 Electric Bicycle Market Forecast
2.4.5 Major Manufacturers of Electric Bikes
2.4.6 Electric Bicycle Market Segmentation
2.4.7 Cargo bikes
2.4.8 Children’s bikes
2.4.9 Bike components
2.4.10 Bicycles for commuting
2.5 Bicycle prices
2.5.1 Yahama Electric Bikes Price
2.5.2 Price of electric bikes
2.6 Regional analysis of bicycles
2.6.1 United States
2.6.2 Europe
2.6.3 Asia-Pacific Region
2.6.4 China
2.6.5 India
2.6.6 Japan
2.6.7 The Largest Electric Bicycle Market in Asia-Pacific

3 Bicycles Product Materials, Special Features and Segment Market Opportunity
3.1 Bicycle production lines
3.2 Bicycles in the wake of the pandemic
3.2.1 Dominate the road: This carbon disc brake road bike can do it all

4. Cycling technology
4.1 High-tech automated machines
4.1.1 Materials technology
4.1.2 Carbon fiber bicycle frame and new materials
4.1.3 Carbon fiber frame manufacturer
4.2 Titanium alloy
4.2.1 High modulus carbon fiber
4.2.2 Aluminum
4.2.3 High quality steel
4.2.4 Bicycle frame tube technology
4.3 Spray labeling
4.3.1 Precision cutting of carbon fiber materials
4.4 Inner molding / Molding technology
4.5 Manufacture of frames
4.6 Shimano Manufacturing Technology /
4.6.1 Cold forging
4.6.2 Shimano machining
4.6.3 Heat treatment

5. Bicycle company profiles
5.1 Accell Group SA
5.2 Atlas Cycle Industries Ltd
5.3 ByK Bikes
5.4 Detroit Bikes
5.5 Dick’s Retail Sports Sales
5.6 Dorel Industries inc.
5.7 Fezzari
5.8 Fuji-Ta
5.9 Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
5.10 Hero Motors Company / Hero Cycles
5.11 Huffy
5.12 Kent
5.13 Kinesis Industry Co. Ltd
5.14 Merida Industry Co., Ltd
5.15 Platoon
5.16 Regent
5.17 Pon Holdings (Derby Cycle AG)
5.18 Scott
5.19 Shimano
5.20 Specialty bicycle components
5.21 Tandem group
5.22 TI cycles
5.23 Touring bike
5.24 Uber / Lime
5.25 Yahama
5.26 List of selected bicycle companies

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