15 handicapped-accessible buses along the Orange Line available for those who need them – Boston 25 News

BOSTON — Orange Line shuttles may not be handicap accessible, so there are fifteen handicap accessible vans parked along the Orange Line route to provide transportation for those unable to ride and get off the buses as easily as they would on the train.

One of the van drivers says so far so good with the new system as they work with the Yankee Bus dispatch system and the MBTA.

“Day 2, no real issues, dispatchers getting familiar, drivers need to get familiar with call signs and things of that nature,” said Larry Curtis, driver at Alert Ambulance Transportation Services. “It’s like everything you have to go through – it was good that they started on a Friday night in the weekend because the volume obviously isn’t as high as it could be, but come on Monday morning who knows!”

Drivers with Alert Ambulance transport services will be available from 5:00 a.m. to midnight daily while the Orange Line is closed.

“It’s like any other process, it takes a bit of time to sort things out, if you will, but what we’re seeing is we’re hopscotching all over the orange line,” said said Curtis. “You know, somebody can get somebody from here to Government Center and take them to Assembly Square – if you’re there in Assembly Square you can stay, if the volume picks up in Boston we’ll be back in Boston .”

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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