4 Cleveland Browns who owned the Giants in the 2021 joint practices


Cleveland Browns (Photo by Nick Cammett / Getty Images)

The New York Giants, fresh out of training with the Cleveland Browns, are walking down Front Street in Berea. Something about the sign of those charter buses passing by Baldwin Wallace just made me smile.

Berea is home to the Browns – and that’s how it should be. The training center is on Lou Groza Boulevard, a street named after an NFL legend who would make Berea his home, selling insurance after his Hall of Fame career ended.

As far as practice goes, joint ventures with another team are now the go-to thing for NFL teams as coaches have a little more control over how quickly things play out, compared to everyone else. world going 100% in a preseason match situation.

Everything seemed to be going well until the end of practice, and Browns cornerback Troy Hills and Giants spreader Sterling Shepard traded punches.

The brew-ha-ha went oddly, as the practice was over. The long hot and humid session was over and it was time to go. It was a family day out on the pitch, and Baker Mayfield was off to take pictures with a group of people presumably related to Myles Garrett (they all wore the No.95 jersey).

Other players entered the locker room. A few guys were just standing and talking with their counterparts. Then, just like that, a melee takes place. I saw a thrown punch. I don’t remember if it was Hill or Shepard, but whoever it was, really reached back to get maximum speed on the follow-up.

The situation cleared up pretty quickly, which made me both joke. Turns out it wasn’t.

Ah the camp. After stepping away from 2020, it was great to be back.

Here’s a look at four Browns players who truly earned their stripes in the two-day practice sessions. And since you’re here, here are a few Browns who might be in danger of being cut after the Giants’ contest on Sunday.

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