An inside look at the ‘new’ Point Loma High School

By Ted Walker / Peninsula News from the Point Loma Association

Many of us walk past Point Loma High School and wonder what it looks like inside, and when will the project be finished?

Clark Burlingame and I recently visited campus with Principal Kelly Lowry to ask these questions. There was so much to see that we will share our observations on 3 editions of this newsletter.

The construction project is divided into 2 phases, the first being the current activity, which is approximately 95% complete according to Lowry.

Most educational spaces are ready to be occupied or close to it.

The rooms are bright with lots of windows.

Upper level classrooms have stunning views!

The school district holds a public ribbon cutting in early June. Watch the PLA newsletters for more details. Phase 2 is expected to start in 2027.

Even with construction underway, we were impressed with the positive “vibe” of around 1,700 students starting school at 8:45am.

(Remember when we had to be there before the sun came up and we had to walk up the hill, back and forth, in the snow?)

Thinking back to Pete Seeger’s 1955 hit, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” we asked, “Where did all the buses go?”

The entire district has reduced the number of buses serving each school, and PLHS is now down to just 4 or 5, according to Lowry.

PL residents passing the school around start and exit time likely noticed the improved traffic flow.

In the next edition, we’ll take you deeper inside campus to reveal the exciting changes to educational and support spaces.

Living in Point Loma for over 40 years, Ted Walker is a former Director and Officer (Treasurer) of the Point Loma Association.

OB Rag Editordude: Pretty cool inside my old alma matar. And thank you to the people who started the Point Loma Assoc. online newsletter. We also reposted a previous newsletter article about “something funny” in front of PLHS, but instead of praising the staff as “spiritual and irreverent” – I made a typo and said “irrelevant” at the square. Sorry y’all. (Our original repost has been corrected.)

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