Belvidere companies are feeling the impact of shift changes, awaiting layoffs at the assembly plant



BELVIDERE, Ill. (WIFR) – Still bad news in Belvidere, the return of the Stellantis worker to the factory has been postponed for a week to June 1. The second quarter will not return with the first quarter starting next month.

Not only does this news affect 1,600 workers who have moved from the assembly line to the unemployment line, it has a ripple effect throughout the town of Murals. The factory opened in 1965 and has since provided the economy with jobs and income for the town of Belvidere and its employees. Adjustments at the plant and around local businesses are just beginning.

Darrell Reidinger is the managing partner of Coach‘s Corner in Belvidere, he noticed a decrease in crowds due to COVID-19 and he misses the factory workers who were regulars. “Whether it’s as the first shift, second shift, the people who come in front with a lot of work to do with the factory, a year and a half we were open before COVID, or any factory shut down, they are a big part of our business. “

While Coach’s Corner may be newer to the area, there are staples like Uncle John’s that have already felt the impact of these layoffs. Director Dino Ibraime says: “What I love about the factory is that they support local businesses. That being said, yes we were hit mostly during our lunch hour, usually guys come in at noon that we don’t see anymore. I always had a group of guys that came after the third shift for breakfast, that stopped.

Restaurant owners say it’s not only Stellantis workers impacting their business, but others are finding themselves in tough times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s in many industries, and not just the hospitality industry, says Reidinger: “One of the first things to do when people decide what to do with their income is to eat out or eat out. to go out and live the experience. ”

Production at the plant is expected to start next month, offering a silver lining to local businesses. Ibraime says: “The Belvidere factory is known for this community, I think so from the bottom of my heart.” “Belvidere has a long history of tradition and heritage of being this close community. The concerns are great and genuine. I know overall we will persevere, ”says Reidinger.

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