Bibb County Schools Issue Countywide ID Cards

All students will have cards by February 1

MACON, Ga. — The Bibb County School District is implementing something new in all of its schools by Tuesday.

“It’s like a new normal,” said Rutland High student Dajiss Houston.

Bibb County students like Dajiss Houston and Griffin McKinney will now scan ID cards regularly.

These cards are valid across the county, allowing students to scan at school check-in, lunch, books, and even on the bus.

“The bus driver, she types that we are on the bus, then she continues her route,” he explained.

For McKinney, the cards are like a first dose of responsibility.

“It’s kind of keeping pace with your own driver’s license, a mask, your laptop, wherever you are. We’re definitely gearing up to be more adult in the real world,” he said. he declares.

The district gives students lanyards and asks that the cards be visible at all times, providing an added sense of security.

For Wendy Pooler, the principal of Rutland High, she sees things from an administrative and parental point of view.

“Just to have that extra layer with them as a parent, I think that’s very beneficial and it’s peace of mind as a parent,” she said.

The Bibb County School District recently implemented IDs in an effort to save time.

“It gave us the opportunity to have more efficient and effective processes at our school,” explained Rose Powell, district information officer.

Powell says the scan is also a safety first opportunity, identifying children during school activities and can even track the times they got on and off buses.

“If we needed to know if a student was on a certain bus that afternoon or that morning, we could check and see,” Powell said.

It also has advantages for the little ones.

“They don’t know their number or don’t log in to enter it, so on that ID card we have their QR code which they just hold on their iPad and that will log them into their class link,” said Powell.

Saving time, while adding security.

Students must carry the card at all times starting February 1.

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