CarolinaPower Meets Growing Demand for Electric Vehicle Charger Installations

As CarolinaPower continues to implement an aggressive plan for growth in the Carolinas electric service and construction community, the company is gaining momentum as a sought-after service provider for electric vehicle (EV) charger installations. ). GroundBak Carolinas recently sat down with CarolinaPower’s Madison Younginer, Business Development Manager, to better understand how the emerging electric vehicle market fits into the company’s strategic plan.

When/Why did CarolinaPower enter this market?

As an electrical contractor, the growth in demand for electric vehicles caught our team’s attention when the market began to emerge just over a decade ago. We have taken a more focused approach over the past two years due to the global growth in electric vehicle production.

Who is this service for? Residential, Commercial or both?

Our efforts target both residential and commercial customers. We don’t typically do residential work, but charging station installations are a great fit for our service team.

How big is this market? Where is he going ?

Analysts have predicted that one in four vehicles that will roll off the production line will be an electric vehicle by 2030. Whether this is realized or not, we believe this market is growing steadily and will provide our business with substantial opportunities. to help with the infrastructure. and load forces.

What geographic area do you serve?

CarolinaPower will perform installations in the South Carolina and North Carolina markets. Two of our sister companies in the PPC Partners family, MetroPower and PieperPower, are targeting electric vehicle projects in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and several other states. Our companies share resources and knowledge to help us grow efficiently and provide effective solutions to our customers.

Is it a specialized service? Tell us about CarolinaPower’s Service division… what else does it do?

As an experienced contractor in the industrial market, customers can be confident that their electric vehicle charging stations are powered and installed appropriately. Our service division typically does smaller projects, including park renovations, industrial repairs, lighting retrofits, and industrial and commercial maintenance.

How does Carolina Power plan to shift its resources to support this new market without affecting your current business model?

CarolinaPower has a strong resume in healthcare, industry and commerce that will support our involvement in the electric vehicle market. Many of our new projects in these markets include an EV component. Whether it’s a transit maintenance facility requiring high-powered charging stations for newly purchased electric buses, an industrial facility with chargers for their trucks, or a college campus with more of 30 chargers in the parking lot, we see many new projects that include charging support.

Will Carolina Power need to “equip” with additional capital, resources, equipment, geographic presence, personnel skill set, new business practices, etc. to be a supplier? responsive services in this new market?

Our experience allows our electricians to respond seamlessly to the needs of the electric vehicle market. We also learned how to work with the software side of this business and provide the unique installation required for each manufacturer. Our team also works with general contractors for the installation of electric vehicle chargers on their projects.

Final comments?

Our team is prepared and ready to support customer charging and infrastructure needs as this market continues to be embraced by businesses, municipalities and individuals. Manufacturers and general contractors will rely on contractors like CarolinaPower to install charging stations and enable their vehicles to deliver drivers to their destination.

Learn more about Madison Younginer.

Read the article published by GroundBreak Carolinas, March 1, 2022.

Madison Young

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