Christmas for seniors, stuff the bus at KGET studios

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – It’s donation season and KGET with the Bakersfield Family Medical Center has hosted ‘Christmas for the Elderly’.

An event that the Bakersfield community supported with donations filled with trucks, all to help bring the joy of Christmas to seniors in need.

The event is called “Fill the bus“. The buses were packed. The bus was stocked with essential items like blankets, detergent and toothpaste. But that’s not all. Several buses were chock full of donations.

The objective of the event is to come to the aid of the elderly, many of whom have to live on a tight budget.

“I think this time of year the focus is on kids and toys and that’s great,” said Jennifer Robbins, a “Stuff the Bus” donor. “But I think the elderly are definitely a bit forgotten, especially during the holidays, even though their needs are so simple.”

Donating is easy. The items can be just ordinary household items.

“I brought lots of paper towels, good toilet paper, Kleenex,” Robbins said.

These gifts may seem small, but for many older people, they are worth gold.

“This is for the elderly who might not receive gifts,” said Lina Mootry, board member for Christmas for Seniors. “They don’t have a family so it’s a really special time for them. We have homemade blankets, two-ply toilet paper, which is normal for us. For many of our seniors, it is a luxury.

Gifts really make a difference. For some, it is the difference between buying food and paying bills or getting important medicine.

“We only delivered basic necessities to a one year old woman because she could not afford basic necessities, she was not going to buy her medicine for the month”, said Ericka Aguirre, Director of Operations for The Palms in San Lauren. “When we arrived she was delighted. “

It’s not too late to donate. You can still drop off your belongings at the Christmas Seniors Office at 13129 Rosedale Highway, where they will continue to accept donations until December 10.

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