Delhi’s Electric Car Subsidy Ends; next focus on 2 wheels and public transport

The Delhi government has halted subsidies for electric cars and has no plans to extend them further, Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said in a report on Wednesday.

Gahlot told the Hindustan Times that the electric car segment has gotten the “necessary push” in Delhi and the focus is now on operating the two-wheeler, freight and public transport segments of electric vehicles ( VE).

Electric rickshaws and two-wheelers make up the bulk of battery-powered vehicles registered in Delhi, as recent figures show.

“In fact, a subsidy is not required for electric cars as such, because those who can afford to pay around 15 lakh for a vehicle don’t care whether the cost is 1-2 lakh of more, without the subsidy. Our goal is to provide the subsidy to those who need it most, and that includes car drivers, two-wheeler owners, delivery partners, etc. Gahlot told HT.

Delhi EV Policy 2020 notified by government Arvind Kejriwal last year said the subsidies were only available for the first 1,000 cars, subject to a cap of Rs 1,50,000 per vehicle.

Of the nearly 23,000 electric vehicles registered in Delhi from August to October, according to official figures, 5,246 were two-wheelers and 10,997 e-rickshaws.

To focus on the mass adoption of electric vehicles, the Delhi government has also decided to promote rickshaws and electric buses to replace polluting fuels and make Delhi a clean city. The government also decided that the transportation department would now only buy electric buses.

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