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DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Auto Show has a long and rich history in Colorado, dating back to 1902. It actually predates General Motors and the Ford Motor Company by about six years. It was during the Spanish flu pandemic that the Auto Show moved outside.

“From 1917 to 1919, the spectacle moved outside. It was in Civic Center Park at the time. He’s been back indoors since, and this is the first time since then he has to be moved outside, ”said Tim Jackson, president of the Colorado Auto Dealers Association.

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The Denver Auto Show has featured the Green Car Parade for years, but as more electrified models hit the market, interest in green vehicles is increasing. This year’s Denver Auto Show won’t disappoint.

“There is a huge supply of battery electric vehicles. It’s a really exciting time in the industry and the manufacturers can’t build these vehicles fast enough, ”Jackson said.

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One of the best parts of the Denver Auto Show is the Ride & Drive opportunities. Drive FCA will allow you to discover the latest model from Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep and RAM.

“Consumers will be able to get in the car on location at the Auto Show and take it out on the streets of Denver,” Jackson told CBS4.

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Xcel Energy will have its own booth for electric vehicle (EV) test drives, including the Polestar2, Volvo C40, Nissan Leaf and Volkswagen ID4. Xcel Energy will also demonstrate a home charging station in its interactive garage.

AAA is presenting the Denver Auto Show this year, and they will be showcasing a mobile charging unit called the AAA EVIE.

“For all those who don’t make it to the next charging station on time and need to jump in. And they’re also working with us on the hydrogen bus that will be showing at the Denver Auto Show, ”Jackson said.

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The Denver Auto Show will follow COVID safety protocols, including wearing face masks during commutes and commutes, social distancing, hand sanitizing stations, and hourly vehicle cleaning.

The Denver Auto Show will take place September 15-19, 2021. The Green Car Parade will take place on Sunday, September 20, 2021 at the State Capitol.

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