Doug Ford set to reintroduce discounts on electric vehicles – it won’t just help the rich

My partner and I have come to the conclusion that it is no longer viable to use the TTC for our main transport. We have been plagued by continual route closures, with slow bus alternatives crowded with people – not a good option, especially in a pandemic.

It takes my partner about 20 minutes to drive to work. It takes about 80 minutes by public transport. Yesterday he left for work at 8:30 am and arrived at 9:48 am, 18 minutes late. (Fortunately, her workplace is flexible and forgiving.) It’s even slower when you get home in the evening.

So we finally decided that we were going to need a car. For more than a decade, we have tried to minimize our impact on the environment. We recycle everything we can. We have less than one percent of food waste by planning meals and never throwing away leftovers. We have purchased carbon offset credits to minimize the impacts that the rare trips we take every few years have on the environment. It is clear that an electric vehicle (EV) is the best solution for our needs. It is not cheap. It will cost us, in addition to more expensive cars without discounts, more than $ 4000 to install an EV charger in the parking space of our condo.

When asked by a reporter if he was going to bring the electric vehicle discounts back to Ontario, Premier Doug Ford replied that he would not, since it is millionaires who benefit. This is simply not true. Are the other provinces only for millionaires? Quebec is offering $ 8,000 in addition to the federal reimbursement of $ 5,000. Significantly higher discounts are also available in many other provinces. Ontario is offering a paltry sum of $ 1,000 if you throw out a heavy gasoline consumer when buying an electric vehicle, which isn’t much use if you don’t currently own a car.

Even if they were just millionaires buying electric vehicles, wouldn’t it be a good thing if they were prompted to do so? If the rich buy cars that have less of an impact on the environment, won’t that also reduce emissions? But let’s think beyond that for a moment. Many people are patiently waiting for the price of electric vehicles to drop to make them affordable. And most of those who wait are not millionaires. People cannot afford an EV due to the lack of price parity, so they are forced to buy gasoline vehicles. At the same time, Ford is investing heavily in manufacturers of electric vehicles; Provincial $ 295 million has been allocated to upgrade Ford’s Oakville plant. Doug Ford projects an image of being “for the little guy,” but it has become evident that he’s more for mega-companies. And that’s OK. Be frank, Mr. Ford.

Be frank about your position so that we, as voters and non-millionaires, can vote for a party that could get us to a point where individuals will progress and not be penalized financially for doing the right thing.

Mr. Ford, if you are reading this, rest assured of one thing. People looking for discounts on electric vehicles? For the most part, they are not millionaires. My partner works in sales, and I’m an actor who isn’t working at the moment. We both hope someone else takes the helm in June 2022. Someone who really wants to level the playing field for people who work hard to make ends meet, while also wanting to have a positive impact – or at least reduced – on the environment.

Scott Hilton Beaman and her partner have lived in Toronto for over 10 years. He pursues an acting career while defending the environment.

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