Dr. Jen Welter and Alyssa Milano will host “A Day in the Life: The Ultimate Insider Experience for Women” at Rose Bowl Stadium, February 9, 2022

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–To celebrate Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles, Dr. Jen Welter – the NFL’s first female coach and two-time gold medalist – and Alyssa Milano – actress, activist, entrepreneur and pioneer in the sports licensing industry women and the inspiration behind the successful Touch™ range of licensed apparel – have teamed up to host A day in the life, the ultimate women’s football insider experience. Featuring a star coaching roster of NFL and women’s soccer legends, the event will take place at the iconic Rose Bowl Stadium on February 9, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. PST.

Presented by women for women, a day in the life seeks to harness the energy, athleticism and enthusiasm of women who are passionate about football, bringing them onto the pitch and into the game. As title sponsor of the event, DraftKings, the digital sports company, entertainment and gaming platform created to fuel the competitive spirit of sports fans, hopes to bring fans closer to the games they love by supporting a day in the life experience in bringing women onto the field and into the game.

“This event is about empowering women through football. I call football full contact chess, and women love strategy, so I want them to see, experience, understand and LOVE the game like me. D ‘or, a day in the life“, shared Dr. Jen Welter. “This sport allowed me to showcase my physical, mental and intellectual strength, proving that women can and should be in the game. With a day in the life and my work with GRRRidiron Girls, we open the doors to the thrill of football for all women and girls.


Picture this: You’ve been drafted by Coach Jen Welter and Alyssa Milano and you’re showing up at Rose Bowl Stadium for training camp. Your VIP experience begins with getting geared up by Touch™, receiving your playbook, and meeting your teammates. You then head to the pitch for a hands-on football experience.

Once on the court, you’ll be introduced to Coach Jen’s All-Star Coaching core, including Team USA teammates Adrienne Smith and Knengi Martin; NFL Hall of Famer Rod Woodson; NFL legends Will Witherspoon, Ricky Williams, Ben Garland, Chris Draft, Rodney Thomas and more, as well as players and coaches from the San Diego Rebellion of the Women’s National Football Conference.

Leveraging Coach Jen’s full-contact chess coaching methodology, participants will not only learn the fundamentals of football, but also the intellectual components of the game. The Player Experience – led by All-Star Coaches – starts with a dynamic warm-up, followed by position-specific drills, attacking and defending live with your team, and ends with a cooldown on the Spieker Field at Rose Bowl Stadium, one of the most famous venues of sports history.

After fieldwork, the celebration begins with a visit to the ADItL All-Pro Gifting Suite where attendees can fill their school bags with items selected and donated by event sponsors to elevate their game on and off. ground. The day ends with cocktails and conversation at a supercharged and wholesome happy hour like no other; including Tres Geraciones nitrogen-frozen margaritas with fresh fruit paired perfectly with a menu created and grilled on-site by Wing Lam, founder of Wahoos Fish Taco. With 1:1 time with your coaches and prominent football voices like KMM Sports’ Kelli Masters – the first woman to represent a top pick in the NFL Draft – you’ll walk away inspired, energized and brimming with unique takeaways.

“Girls are participating in football activities more than ever, making up 45% of the NFL’s fanbase. They are passionate fans who are all for the future of the sport,” Kelli Masters said. “However, women are no longer relegated to the stands; they take on leadership roles as coaches, referees, scouts, agents, etc. Inviting women to learn the game on the court is an amazing way to share the sport we love so much.

Through A day in the life, work in progress with GRRRidiron Girls, and kick[gl]ass football legend Dr. Jen Welter continues to open the doors of football to all women and girls. Product of a day in the life benefiting the GRRRidiron Girls Foundation, ensuring that the future of football begins today.

Learn more and register a day in the life at: https://footballismale.com/.

To promote the safety of all participants, a day in the life will follow the guidelines and requirements of the CDC, State of California, California CDPH, and local regulations regarding COVID safety practices.

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