Electric vehicles are the key to reducing emissions

With transportation accounting for approximately 32% of Noosa’s emissions, the adoption of electric vehicles and the installation of charging stations in Noosa County are some of the key strategies pursued by Zero Emissions Noosa (ZEN) Inc.

“Noosa has been very successful in adopting residential solar power and we now have approximately 11.7 MW installed,” said Anne Kennedy, President of Zero Emissions Noosa Inc.

“40% of residential housing is solar powered and 23% is business, but with 32% of Noosa Shire community’s emissions attributable to transportation, reducing emissions from this sector remains a major challenge.”

Ms. Kennedy continued, “If the recent release of the federal government’s electric vehicle strategy has confirmed anything, it’s that adoption of electric vehicles is critical to helping us achieve our goals.”

ZEN Inc. has launched a number of strategies to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles across the county.

These include advocating for the installation of a number of electric vehicle charging stations in the Noosa Shire, supporting Noosa Council initiatives, in particular strategies that would encourage the TransLink bus service to switch electric buses, the development and promotion of public transport on demand, advocacy and implementation of various forms of transport (p.

Ms Kennedy said plans are well advanced for next year’s Electric Vehicle Expo, June 19, 2022.

“We anticipate that over the next few years the adoption of electric vehicles will be on a dramatically upward trajectory and it is important that our infrastructure can meet the challenges of the changed environment,” she said.

“Infrastructure planning for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics will be critical and we welcome Mayor Stewart’s support for region-wide efforts to force urgent action on key transportation and transportation projects. of quality of life through the Let’s Get Moving campaign. “

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