Football in Alabama: Cries of college football playoff expansion grow

Happy Friday all. In news that doesn’t surprise anyone, it’s now official that Evan Neal, Jameson Williams and Phidarian Mathis are heading to the NFL Draft. There’s no reason for any of them to come back for another year of football. Go get that dollar, guys.

Matt Hayes is here for an expanded playoff because the ratings were bad for the title game.

“If it doesn’t shake some cages, I don’t know what will,” an industry source told me this week. “The (expanded) playoffs have to be done for the health of the game. It’s not about ego anymore.

I would like to know from which region of the country this “industry source” comes.

In any case, Hayes isn’t the only one yearning for expansion. My position on this has been stated. Expanded playoffs lowering bowls further won’t help the ratings as much as improving bowls in a plus-one format, but we’re screaming into the void. #MakeBowlGamesGreatAgain.

Jaylen Moody and Shane Lee entered the transfer portal.

Moody was a senior last season who still has a year of eligibility due to the NCAA’s COVID-19 waiver. He has played extensively on special teams over the past four seasons for Alabama while seeing limited playing time on defense.

Moody and freshman Deontae Lawson were listed as backups on the inside linebacker depth chart. Lawson is joined by Ian Jackson, Kendrick Blackshire, Demouy Kennedy and new freshman Shawn Murphy as Tide options at the position if Harris or To’o To’o leave.

Lee isn’t a surprise since he’s seen his role all but disappear since the 2019 season, and Moody isn’t too surprising. I was surprised Jaylen didn’t watch when Henry To’o To’o was struggling earlier in the season playing with one arm.

Matt Wyatt has a great article on the declines that cost Alabama. Bryce Young should have had about 450 yards and 2-3 more touchdowns, which would have undoubtedly resulted in a championship and an MVP award. Worse still, if Ja’Corey Brooks had managed to get his ball back down the sideline with just over a minute left, the game to clinch pick six never happens. This is a nine minute watch and well worth your time.

We’ll never know why Alabama didn’t have a freshman WR at the level of Julio or Amari or Calvin or Jerry or Henry or DeVonta after signing four of the top 15 in the 2021 class, but they did. just didn’t and it turned out big when Metchie and Williams went down. Meanwhile, Georgia’s rookie WR made his tough TD catch on a 50/50 punt. Bryce took the blame after the game because he’s a leader, but he knows the score. Earlier in the season he was hampered by the blitz, but he has clearly developed in that area and is going to be terrifying for defenses in 2022.

John Talty examines which SEC coach is most likely to win a national championship. Jimbo Fisher would be the obvious answer, but he’s excluded here because he has one.

1) Brian Kelly, LSU

Kelly is in one of the best situations in the country and has already proven he can take a team to the national championship game. LSU’s last three head coaches have all won national championships, and Kelly is a better coach than two of them. As long as Kelly is recruiting at a high level at Baton Rouge, he has the best and most realistic chance of joining the club.

I guess it’s the only logical choice among the others, but I’ll see it when I believe it. He didn’t exactly get off to a flying start.

Greg McElroy responded to Kayvon Thibodeaux’s silly remarks about the value of an Alabama degree.

“I feel really offended personally, man,” McElroy said Thursday. Don’t come. If you think so little of us, don’t come. Alabama, because I love Alabama. … If you don’t want to see Alabama for the greatness it can potentially offer, it’s up to you. You’re missing something.

Look, Kayvon thought he could take Oregon to the playoffs and he didn’t. He regrets not having been able to perform on this stage so he rationalizes. I’m not going to roast it too much for that.

But man, if you’re going to call someone else stupid, at least learn the word “stigma.” All he’s done here is expose himself as an enlightened halfback who’s more into his own brand than winning at football, just before hoping to get picked by NFL teams for the help win at football.

Give Joel Klatt credit for at least acknowledging after the fact that he should have challenged Thibodeaux more.

Finally, imagine saying that to your young QB.

Way to inspire confidence, Coach. I can’t imagine why you got fired.

That’s about all for today. Have a good week-end.

Rolling tide.

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