Fourth Avenue impassable | Spring announcer

Residents of Vischkuil are at their wit’s end with the lack of service delivery, especially regarding the condition of the road on Fourth Avenue.
The avenue is riddled with deep potholes and is nearly impossible to drive in some stretches.
“We can’t drive here. If you don’t have a bakkie or 4×4, you’re going to destroy your suspension and tires,” said local resident Vernon Wentzel.
Wentzel had to reinforce his driveway just to get in without damaging his vehicle.
Brenda Sithole, who runs a nursery school in the area, fears for the safety of her children.

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Due to road conditions, buses and taxis have to park some distance from the school and children have to walk the rest of the distance to school.
“It interrupts their education and that is unacceptable,” Sithole said.
In addition, residents frequently suffer from load shedding and low water pressure incidents and their grass is not cut.
Resident George Kustner explained that he could not shower or bathe due to low water pressure.
According to locals, most of the roads in Vischkuil have been tarred or paved, with the exception of Fourth Avenue, and they want to know why that is.
Comment from the Local Municipality of Lesedi will be published as soon as it is received.

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