Galva schools are registering now, day one August 16th.

The first day of classes for Galva School students is August 16e with an educational institute on August 15e. Superintendent Joe Becker said registration is being done online so parents can register their children.

The board has approved a salary increase for umpires working in the Galva district. Basketball will be up $10 and volleyball $15. This will bring the Galva neighborhood more in line with neighboring neighborhoods.

The board held a retreat and will pass the following objectives at the August board meeting.

  • * The Galva School District will develop and implement a Literacy Action Plan with the goal of improving K-12 student achievement with a focus on writing in the entire program.
  • *Galva School District projects will be scheduled annually, with project expenditures between $100,000 and $150,000. Projects will be selected by the Board with feedback already gathered from the facilities working groups.
  • * The Galva School District will keep its community informed of positive accomplishments, timely events, and critical issues.
  • * The Galva School District maintains a responsible budget that provides the resources needed to maintain quality education programs while ensuring fiscal accountability.

The board discussed advice from the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Department of Public Health for COVID 19 for the 2022-23 school year. The orientation is the same as at the end of the last school year. It begins that masks are recommended but not mandatory.

The council discussed the remote plan for Galva schools. There will be a public hearing at 6:55 p.m. before the next board meeting on August 15e before adopting the plan. The plan requires the district to have 5 hours of learning per day and there will be packages available for younger students.

The transportation committee will meet and discuss a grant available to rural school districts for electric buses.

The following personnel elements have been approved:

  • *approved Adam Norway as Dean/AD for the 2022-23 school year.
  • *approved Kelsey Stone as an elementary administrative assistant to start in August.
  • *approved Heather Nance as the Pre-K Parent Coordinator to start in August.
  • *approved Stephanie Humphrey as a pre-K teacher to start in August
  • *endorsed Charlie Gibbons as JH/HS Social Studies Professor to start in January
  • *endorsed Mark Jeffrey as Assistant High School Boys Basketball Coach and High School Boys Track Head Coach
  • *approve Jett Olson as a summer worker
  • *Accredited Ashton Cramer as a summer worker
  • *approved Darcy Swanson as HS F/S Women’s Basketball Head Coach
  • *endorsed Ryan Anderson as an assistant coach for the HS boys track.
  • *endorsed Van White as head coach of high school baseball
  • *endorsed Tony Garcia as assistant coach for high school baseball
  • *endorsed Brad Jackson as head coach for high school softball
  • *endorsed Rachel Remmert and Brooke Johnson as co-assistant high school softball coaches and split the stipend
  • *endorsed Josh Morris as head coach for women’s high school track
  • *approved Tayler Kuenneth as Head Coach for Junior Girls High School Track
  • *endorsed Josh Harris as head coach for high school boys track

The coaches above are for the 2022-23 season.

Board member Kaleena Conrad was absent from Monday’s meeting.

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