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NEW YORK, May 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Any organization that seeks to benefit from an operation is considered a business. Although the word “business” is broad, these profit-seeking practices generally include providing a product or service that people want or need. Businesses can lose money, but that doesn’t mean they can’t continue to exist. From the perspective of defining a business, all that matters is that the business aims to benefit from what it does.

Gina Redzanic of Free Live 2B Offers Coaching and business mentoring to help other entrepreneurs develop good leadership, management and customer relationship skills, which will lead to better business development. Coaching and mentoring is ideal for a business owner or network marketer who shapes and manages a team for success. Gina has been successful herself in small business and in network marketing. As a Certified John Maxwell Business Coach, she specializes in leadership development.


A business coach, like Gina, will support and lead a business owner in running their business by helping them clarify their business mission and how it aligns with their personal goals. Business coaching, also known as mentoring, is a method of guiding a business from its inception to its desired future state.

Gina’s coaching programs will help you kickstart and shape your leadership and management skills. Besides, it will also help you build systems and improve others as your team grows. It will be on your terms, and the weekly transparency will be a big part of that. Branding, customer acquisition, team or staff building, systems and oversight, leadership development and DISC assessment will all be covered. Small group workshops are also available. These are cost effective ways to receive coaching from other like-minded business owners. The workshops are a collection of four to eight online courses that cover a variety of topics and include leadership courses.


Gina’s mission is to help entrepreneurs, whether new or seasoned, develop their skills in leadership, business development, management and customer relations. In the service offered, there are three coaching methods:

1. Individual business coaching

An individual coaching session will allow members to get started and develop their leadership and management skills. By creating their own team, members will be able to create frameworks and build new ones. Each member will be the one who sets their own terms in this process, and weekly accountability is included. Branding, customer acquisition, team or staff building, systems and oversight, leadership development and DISC assessment will all be covered. It is an eight session coaching program.

CHOOSE Emergent (over 8 months) OR Intensified (over 8 weeks)

  • (8) 60-minute 1-on-1 zoom meetings
  • Weekly or monthly responsibility and “homework” tasks
  • Social media rating with suggestions
  • Business Development System (I’ll help you create a business flow system)
  • Pay Plan: Emergent – Monthly $ 350 OR Intensified – Weekly $ 350
  • All 1 in 1 coaching clients will also receive free access to a webinar series of their choice.

2. Coaching workshops

Coaching workshops are a cost effective way to receive coaching from Gina with other like-minded business owners or network marketers. The workshops are a series of four to eight online courses on a variety of topics, including leadership training.

3. 1-in-1 Network Marketing Consulting

The One-on-One Network Marketing Consulting is designed for new Associates or Representatives in the Direct Sales / NWM Industry, as well as Associates or Representatives who feel “stuck” in their business. Together, the member and their coach will determine what they need to get started, break down the barriers that hold them back, and set them on the path to success. $ 125.00 Zoom meeting for 60 minutes. * This particular service can be purchased up to 3 separate appointments. If additional coaching is desired, move on to the 8-week business coaching course or coaching webinars.


Business coaching and mentoring are the most effective ways to help entrepreneurs grow their business to the desired state. This is particularly useful for new entrepreneurs or those who are new to the business world. The coaches and mentors on this team have a wealth of expertise in turning challenges into opportunities, building resilience, and implementing simple processes that empower everyone to be successful. The wisdom and motivation of each member will be like opening floodgates, their confidence will solidify and their business will grow like never before. Gina’s leadership is directly linked to the success of any entrepreneur.

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