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Negotiations are progressing between the Strathmore Handi-bus Association and the Town of Strathmore regarding a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two organizations.

The Handi-bus Association presented an amended document to the municipal council during the ordinary meeting of March 2, which was then referred to the administration.

The Amended Memorandum of Understanding proposed by Association Handi-bus had made changes to the agreement regarding the construction of the bus barn and simplified the language used to describe the agreement.

According to the Handi-bus delegation, the organization did not believe that this was particularly relevant in the relationship between the Handi-bus and the City.

“I guess if the value of the bus barn is going to cost us money to move it, I guess the cost will be borne by the City, because I can’t imagine it’s worth anything,” said councilor Denise Peterson.

“I just want to make sure that the Handi-bus is not responsible if it costs us money to get rid of it.”

The Handi-bus delegation confirmed that during a prior discussion with the council and the administration, the former general manager of the City had indicated that there was no significant value in the structure in question.

The revisions also more explicitly define the understanding and responsibilities of the Handi-bus to the Town of Strathmore in paragraph “D” where the expectations of the Town are described.

These expectations of the Town being to help cover the operating losses of the association up to $175,000 annually. If the Handi-bus does not use all the funding received from the City, any remaining capital will then be returned.

“We hope to foster more goodwill between the Handi-bus and the town of Strathmore. I think we can see from events around the world what happens when there isn’t enough goodwill involved,” said Brian Grier, Chair of the Handi Association Finance Committee. -bus.

Grier added regarding the potential for a refund to the City, the idea being that if the MOU is passed, to review the Association’s audited financial statements with the City and agree on a figure .

The Handi-bus delegation clarified that it would not be able to continue its activities reliably without the support of the City, but does not expect to need municipal resources to cover the costs of possible additional buses .

The administration was ordered to return to city council on March 16 to further discuss the memorandum of understanding.

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