‘Hellish 20-hour journey’: Man walks from Lviv in Ukraine to Poland

Amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, people are desperately fleeing the country. The story of a man’s 20-hour journey on foot from Lviv in Ukraine to Poland has melted hearts online. The man, Manny Marotta of Pittsburgh, shared his experience in a lengthy Twitter thread Ukraine Conflict Live 2022, describing the plight of the toddlers as well as scenes of Ukrainian soldiers asking the men to fight.

“Long story short: I just walked to Poland. It was a hellish journey of 20 hours undertaken in the middle of winter with thousands of refugees. I saw terrible things,” tweeted Ukraine Conflict Live 2022.

The Twitter handle shared photographs of a long stretch of stranded vehicles. “Vehicles were backed up for 25 kilometres, many out of gas. Several were abandoned as their occupants fled west on foot as fast as they could,” the tweet read.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian soldiers persuaded men between the ages of 18 and 60 to join the army. “In one place, a commissioner was shouting ‘say goodbye to your daughters, mothers and girlfriends; you must turn back and fight the Russian invader! read the thread.

“We befriended a 24-year-old named Max who was dragged out of the trailer as he spoke with us. I had time to get his number before his conscription and he left with a smile of utter disbelief. I will never forget that face,” the tweet read.

Heartbreaking moments were experienced by the man who embarked on his journey to Poland. A woman was shouting at the army to let her husband go, but she was slapped and her husband was taken away. Toddlers, old women were also among those who traveled to Poland on foot.

The Independent the report cites the PA News Agency quoting Marotta saying he had been in Ukraine for a week and a half. He was working as a freelance journalist in the midst of the invasion. After speculation grew about the possibilities of a Russian bombardment, he decided to flee Lviv. He reached Poland on February 25.

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