High Performance Coach Reveals Extraordinary Personal Transformation Program for Burned Out Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

People are looking for ways to end the addiction to mediocrity and unleash creativity and power to achieve extraordinary gains in productivity, prosperity, and personal fulfillment. Learning to forgive yourself is a key to personal transformation.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – July 29, 2022 – Kellan Fluckiger, CMC, CEC, AOTS announced on July 18, 2022 the release of the powerful new personal development breakthrough: Forgive Yourself for Freedom and Power – A 12-Week Intensive Personal Transformation with the new book “Forgiveness – A journey of courage to a place of freedom and power.

Forgive yourself for freedom and power – an intensive 12-week personal transformation and reinvention course is for leaders and visionaries who want to end addiction to mediocrity, shed old baggage, eliminate old stories, let go of old grudges and fully unleash their creativity and power to achieve incredible gains in productivity, prosperity and personal fulfillment.

“This new approach combines letting go of grudges, negative energy, and a thirst for justice against those who have wronged you with the elimination of self-hatred and self-sabotage caused by guilt. and shame for those you have hurt so you can discover, grow, and serve with your divine gifts,” says Kellan Fluckiger, author and creator of the breakthrough system. Lost productivity and loss of creativity and joy can be eliminated. using this indispensable approach to personal development.

Both the program and the book flow naturally from other innovative and effective tools created by Fluckiger in his decades-long quest to help millions of people around the world discover, develop, and serve with their divine gifts while creating fulfilling lives for themselves. meaning. , prosperity and joy.

Developed from decades of research and in-depth personal experience, feedback from hundreds of clients, and the latest thinking in personal development, this program empowers anyone looking to break free from resentment, anger, or frustration. ‘a long-standing self-recrimination to break free quickly and become a real force for good in every relationship.

This program will be available online, just like other Fluckiger offerings. This allows anyone from anywhere to participate in this extraordinary, life-changing opportunity. The book is available on all Amazon platforms.

Fluckiger, a Certified Master Coach with several other certifications, is a leading creator and coach of innovative and powerful methods that help participants access their own nature and gifts and let go of damaging baggage that blocks growth. and genuine service. He has written 16 books, with more in publication. He had a long career in the energy industry as a senior executive before becoming a coach. He has been called the Soul Alchemist.

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