How work protects and promotes criminals


“The Labor Party does not protect criminals,” Labor President Ramona Attard said. Work doesn’t just protect; he promotes them.

In his attempt to protect criminals and distract the public from corruption, Attard commented: “What really matters is how people feel… and right now people are concerned about other things”.

When a frustrated interviewer challenged her – what about Keith Schembri’s $ 5.5 million bribes? – Attard reproduced verbatim Joseph Muscat’s misleading message. “The charges relate to a commercial transaction between private entities that started under a PN government.” The Labor Party chairman regurgitates the lies of the disgraced former leader, intended to protect criminals.

It is not a surprise. Ramona Attard, like Muscat and countless other members of Cabinet, Parliament, and positions of trust, was imbued with the art of deception at the Fortress of Fireworks – ONE. The work refined the protection of criminals into an art form.

Toni Abela, then deputy party leader, covered up the presence of hard drugs inside a Labor club. Evariste Bartolo sheltered his solicitor after soliciting bribes and building a € 400,000 building in Rabat without loans. When a Gozitan entrepreneur revealed the backhand solicitor’s claim, the entrepreneur himself was quickly sued.

This entrepreneur faced years of persecution until he was right. Bartolo rewarded his solicitor, who now faces corruption charges, with a “great” post from the Foundation for the Schools of Tomorrow grossing more than € 50,000. When Philip Rizzo went to see Joseph Muscat to report the solicitor’s crimes, Muscat attempted to buy Rizzo’s silence by offering him another position.

Banners asking “Who killed Daphne?” were quickly demolished by the Planning Authority. The order came from Johann Buttigieg, appointed by Muscat and friend of Yorgen Fenech. The court found that Buttigieg violated the basic human right to freedom of expression. The Authority was fined € 20,000 – paid out of our taxes.

Owen Bonnici has been found guilty of human rights violation when he repeatedly ordered that the Daphne memorial be erased. Bonnici’s actions were aimed at stifling demands for prosecution of the criminals. When Rosianne Cutajar stood up at the Council of Europe to prevent a public inquiry into the murder, her goal was to protect her friend Yorgen.

When Joseph Muscat, Owen Bonnici, Keith Schembri and Christian Kalin of Henley and Partners conspired to continue to threaten ruinous trial against Daphne Caruana Galizia, there was only one objective: to prevent her from denouncing crimes and to protect criminals.

ONE TV’s relentless mockery of Simon Busuttil’s empty boxes was meant to discredit and ridicule those who sought to expose the crime. ONE’s crusade had one goal: to protect criminals. It’s always like that. When the media broadcast the true owner of Macbridge, ONE news didn’t even mention the company or its connections to Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri.

In 2016, Labor voted in parliament to protect Konrad Mizzi despite shocking revelations in the Panama Papers. In 2018, Yorgen Fenech was exhibited as the 17th black owner. Labor has voted again to protect Mizzi from a vote of no confidence.

Former deputy leader President Anglu Farrugia did everything he could to prevent a discussion in parliament over Keith Schembri’s criminal actions, saying Schembri was not accountable to parliament.

Three different people accused a former government minister and a current minister of being involved in murders and bank robberies. But the Labor Party continues to cover up and protect criminals.

But Labor also promotes criminals. Karl Stagno Navarra, with a long history of fraud and several court-ordered seizure and garnishment warrants, is the leader of the Party television channel. He was rewarded for his lies, recently condemned by the Broadcasting Authority, with a bogus job at the Air Malta bankrupt – Responsible for public relations.

Cyrus Engerer, sentenced to two years in prison, became Joseph Muscat’s Sherpa. He was then appointed EU adviser and is now a Labor MP. Brian Tonna, whose multiple offshore companies Nexia BT created for Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi, Cheng Chen, Adrian Hillman and others, has been regaled with countless government contracts worth more than 2.4 million euros, 85% in direct orders. Owen Bonnici granted him a consultant position of € 60,000 per year.

John Dalli, a disgraced former EU commissioner and fugitive from justice on the pretext of psychological problems, returned to Malta when Police Commissioner John Rizzo was removed from his post. Joseph Muscat rewarded him with a post of health consultant.

Adrian Hillman, another fugitive accused of being Keith Schembri’s partner in the Times scam, has been appointed government representative to the board of the American University of Malta by Muscat. Muscat also offered him a Malta Gaming Authority public relations consultancy, earning € 4,000 per month, despite being aware of FIAU’s reports of his money laundering.

Justyne caruana granted his personal friend a job of 5,000 € per month despite his previous convictions for firearms and threatening to “bury” his ex-wife.

The Labor Party changed its status to allow Konrad Mizzi to become deputy chief even though his offshore companies had already been exposed – as had his failure to report them.

The next deputy chief was Chris Cardona who was arrested and questioned about the HSBC heist in 2010 and now involved in a murder.

Joseph Muscat, although he has been repeatedly convicted of ethical breaches and abuse of power, continues to be protected. President Anglu Farrugia declared him a private citizen and immune to sanctions.

The intermediary Melvin Theuma was rewarded with a false job from Castile.

Edward Scicluna, who attacked and dismantled FIAU to protect criminals, was appointed Governor of the Central Bank with a salary increase.

Robert Abela awarded a police commissioner, who leaked information to criminals, with a consulting position in public safety. He rewarded Justyne Caruana, who hid her husband’s close friendship with a suspected murderer he was supposed to be investigating, with a ministerial post. He rewarded Konrad Mizzi with the direction of Delegation of Malta to the OSCE.

Knowingly protecting crooks stands in the way of justice. Promoting them to the rank of leader, vice-leader, minister, sherpa, MEP, trusted people, TV host, police commissioner, deputy commissioner, government officials is the capture state by a criminal organization.

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