Hungary is ready to produce buses for export!

Four Hungarian bus manufacturers are now in a position to manufacture vehicles for export and meet domestic demand, Lálszló Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology, said on Friday.

Speaking at a ceremony in Zalaegerszeg, south-west Hungary, where the local public transport company signed an agreement to purchase 60 electric buses, the minister said that on 8,000 buses being part of the Hungarian public transport system, some 2,000 were already up to date, while the remaining 6,000 were gradually being replaced by Hungarian-made buses.

Referring to Hungary’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, Palkovics said reducing vehicle emissions was a crucial part of the process.

In just one year, Hungary doubled the number of environmentally friendly cars,

and from January this year there will be no more public funding for the purchase of non-zero emission buses for public transport, he said.

The head of national bus carrier Volánbusz, Zoltán Pafferi, noted that the 60 new buses that will be produced under the deal are part of a total joint purchase by local governments of 100 buses from a worth 8.6 billion forints (23.3 million euros), with 80 percent of the total financed by a government grant. Buses will be introduced in Zalaegerszeg, Eger, Székesfehervár, Győr, Szeged and Szolnok before the end of this year, he added.

Volánbusz operates 6,000 buses across the country, carrying 500 million passengers per year,

Pafferi noted.

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Source: MTI

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