Hydrogen fuel cell systems for the HydroFLEX train will be supplied by Tpgroup



The first H2 powered train in the UK recently signed the contract with the company.

The UK’s first H2-powered train, HydroFLEX, will be powered by Tpgroup’s hydrogen fuel cell systems as soon as a contract is signed between them.

The contract was made with Porterbrook and is part of a larger initiative to bring H2 to light.

Tpgroup’s hydrogen fuel cell systems will be used for the production version HydroFLEX. This was established under a contract with Porterbrook and is part of an initiative to demonstrate how H2-powered trains can be used efficiently and safely for public transport. The contract is to supply safety critical systems that will use H2 to generate electricity that will power the train.

The HydroFLEX train will also have a special place in front of the world when it is presented at the next United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP26) which will take place in Glasgow later this year.

The Tpgroup has adopted the role of prime contractor for the integration of hydrogen fuel cell systems.

Tpgroup will use its preliminary consultation work regarding the development of requirements for the system and for its configuration. It will take about six months to complete the initial phase of the project. From there it will be delivered to Tpgroup’s Gas Technology Center team located in Portsmouth.

“We are delighted to be able to announce that our first hydrogen contract in the rail industry is with Porterbrook and the revolutionary Hydrogen-powered HydroFLEX,” said Phil Cartmell, CEO of Tpgroup. “This is an exciting opportunity for our green business to be part of a crucial initiative to help the UK rail industry meet its net zero targets. “

Cartmell then underlined the pride the company feels in not only supplying HydroFLEX with the hydrogen fuel cell systems it will need, but also in being presented as a part of the low-energy UK market.Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems - Renewable Hydrogen News - Pick It Up Here and Save the OceanCOP26 carbon train technology section. He added that they “look forward to supporting our client to ensure they are the success they deserve every time.”


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