Illinois Governor JB Pritzker discusses state plan on climate change as Glasgow summit with President Joe Biden and world leaders kicks off

CHICAGO (WLS) – Governor JB Pritzker prepared to depart on his first international trip as governor of Illinois on Monday evening.

He is traveling to London and Scotland as world leaders gather for a big summit on climate change.

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Pritzker said he believes Illinois’ new plan to create more “green energy” will lead to more jobs and more “green” dollars for Illinois residents.

“We want to be a place that people see as number one on their ‘hit list’ for where they want to go in the United States,” Pritzker said.

And the “coup” the governor specifically wants to mark is aimed at electric vehicles, or “EVs.”

Illinois already has the Rivian plant which builds electric trucks at Normal and plans for Lion’s installation for electric buses at Joliet. Pritzker said he hopes to convince international companies and investors to bring the full parts and assembly assembly together in Illinois.

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“If a company wants to build a car assembly plant, we also want to bring a battery manufacturer there. We also want to bring suppliers there,” said Pritzker.

Its selling point is that Illinois has the workforce in a nationwide central location. At the same time, the state has set itself the goal of gradually switching to 100% renewable energies by 2050 to fight climate change.

“People want to come to a state that is focused on fighting climate change and it is the new leading state in the Midwest in the fight against climate change,” Pritzker said.

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