Innovation for a safe and environmentally friendly future – with ELAFLEX refueling technology

Listening to the times, equipped for the mobility of today and tomorrow. Meet Elaflex at UNITI in Hall 5, Stand 5B02.

Elaflex has been involved in the management of alternative and renewable fuels for decades. The company provides refueling products for LPG, CNG, LNG, cryogenic or compressed hydrogen as well as biodiesel and gasoline with ethanol or methanol blends: “from terminal to nozzle”.

For an environmentally friendly future, a wide range of fuels and new production methods have become more important. A technology-driven mobility and approach plays a key role at UNITI expo 2022 (May 17-19) in Stuttgart.

Already responding to today’s challenges and ready for tomorrow, Elaflex will present these new product solutions:

The LNG refueling system consists of N-LNG nozzle, VC-LNG vent fitting, LNG hose assemblies and SB-LNG safety brakes. They allow the safe and fast refueling of heavy vehicles (trucks and buses) for service stations. For terminals and ship bunkering, Elaflex offers DCC dry couplers and custom CBC breakaway couplers in sizes up to 10″.

For hydrogen H2 in the low pressure range, the H2 pipe type and the ERV-H2+ expansion joint were developed. They feature high strength and very low permeation for hydrogen transfer and processing.

In the range of compressed hydrogen H2ball valves and check valves as well as quick couplings are now available.

For refueling trucks with Cryogenic Liquid Hydrogen LH2, Elaflex offers the N-LH2 nozzle. The LH2 will be used in the heavy transport sector by the main truck manufacturer.

The famous CNG dispensing system is completed with SB-CNG safety brakes and CNG hoses.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) can also be mixed with DME, a liquid made from renewable raw materials. The new ZVG 2 DME nozzle type can be used with the EFL 6 hose on the LPG dispenser. Another addition is the ZVG 2K nozzle for J15 fill point fittings (Japan and Korea).

The AdBlue® HEAT system is used to reliably heat AdBlue® in a dispensing pipe. It keeps the urea solution liquid even at ambient temperatures of -40°C. For heating inside the hose, the new type of Slimline 16 AdBlue HEAT hose must be installed together with the electronic heating controller EH 300 U.

As a leading customized hose reel system supplier Fitted with hose and fitting/nozzle, Elaflex is the only company to also supply hose reels with an integrated vapor recovery system.

To meet ELAFLEX at the UNITI fair
Stuttgart, Germany
May 17 – 19, 2022
Hall 5, Booth 5B02

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