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Kochi: Cochin won the award for “City with the most sustainable transport system” instituted by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.
The price is expected to propel the city’s development, as more international auto companies, especially those based on green energy, could focus on Kochi.
In addition, funding from state and Union governments could also flow to support Kochi’s growth in its integrated and sustainable transportation.
“It is in recognition of our efforts to integrate sustainable modes of transport such as the Kochi metro, water metro and electric mobility that the Union government awarded the award to Kochi. The Center informed us that it is exploring the possibilities of taking Kochi as a model for similar projects across the country, ”said Minister of Transport Antony Raju.
The approval of the Union government for the extension of the second phase of the metro from Kochi to Kakkanad has been pending for some years. Although the Center has given its approval in principle for the expansion, the project would only gain momentum if it gives its formal approval.
The city with the best sustainable transport system can be a catalyst to accelerate the decisions of the Union government on these issues.
“The Center is already convinced of Kochi’s potential for a sustainable transport system. This is why the government had planned to hold an urban mobility conference in Kochi on October 29. But due to the pandemic situation, it was decided to hold online. This indicates that Kochi is in the limelight, ”said Mayor Anil Kumar.
“The chances are great for many international auto companies to set foot in Kochi. Kochi is the only city in the country where the Urban Metropolitan Transport Authority has been formed, ”Kumar said.
Kochi Metro Rail Ltd Managing Director Loknath Behara said inland navigation in the city, which is on the maps, will also add to the integrated and sustainable navigation system.
“We are considering whether the canal navigation project should be integrated with the Water Metro project or whether it should be operated as a separate system,” Behara said.
“We also plan to give a boost to the sustainable transportation system. We plan to purchase at least 8,000 bikes through various means, including corporate social responsibility funds, over the next two years. More electric buses and hydrogen buses will also be brought to the city, ”Behara said.
At the same time, the slow implementation of projects like Water Metro, the integrated urban regeneration and water transport system, will prove to be a burden for the authorities.
Kochi had obtained the fourth place in the first ranking of the Swachh mission. But, the city’s ranking has slipped over the years and it was in 372nd position in the country in 2020.
Likewise, more than 100 low-floor buses, including AC and non-AC low-floor buses attributed to Kochi, have been alienated due to the incapacity of the authorities.

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