Lauren Boebert demands $33 million from Pete Buttigieg after repeatedly insulting him / LGBTQ Nation

Representative Lauren BoebertPhoto: Gage Skidmore

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has repeatedly insulted Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and her husband, Chasten. She voted against President Joe Biden’s infrastructure initiative and decried it as wasteful spending.

Now, however, she goes hat in hand to Buttigieg, asking $33 million for a new bridge in his neighborhood.

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Boebert proudly proclaimed last year that she gave birth in a truck in order to insult Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for taking “maternity leave” to “find out how to feed” her children. She said he wasn’t doing his job and accused him of making an “R-rated” movie with Jeff Bezos instead.

But now she would like a bridge to drive her truck over.

“With funds from the Rural Surface Transportation Grant, Glenwood Springs will construct a new bridge connection that will provide a second emergency route/critical evacuation access between State Highway 82 and the west side of the Roaring River. Fork in the city’s southern corridor,” she said. wrote in a letter to Buttigieg. Wildfires have ravaged Colorado in recent years due to climate change, which Boebert downplayed as a liberal plot to raise gas prices.

But only a few months ago, Boebert called the spending “wasteful” and said only “RINOs” (Republicans in name only) would support the initiative. When the Herald of Durango asked the far-right MP about the hypocrisy of asking for money from a fund she opposes, Boebert turned away from the question.

“I’m all for investing in rural Colorado, but Biden’s so-called infrastructure bill was the wrong way to do it,” she told the newspaper. “Less than 10% of (the) $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill went to roads and bridges. The bill provides tens of billions of dollars for Solyndra-style slush funds, the policies of Green New Deal, electric buses (sic) and government welfare.

This isn’t the first time Boebert has tried to quietly ride Buttigieg’s coattails to a stronger approval rating. The initiative to improve the country’s aging infrastructure has been incredibly popular among average Americans.

She distributed a newsletter that touted “9 Boerbert wins for Colorado” earlier this year. She bragged that she brought needed money to local communities, but the money came from the infrastructure package and earmarkings. Earmarks, specific funding priorities added to legislation before final passage, were also the target of Boebert’s contempt. She says she opposes it.

Buttigieg, a professional administrator, should ignore Boerbert’s partisan and personal attacks when considering the application.

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