Lion Electric receives conditional purchase order for 1,000 electric school buses, largest fleet in North America


Medium and heavy-duty vehicle maker Lion Electric Co. recently announced a conditional purchase order from Student Transportation of Canada (STC) for 1,000 of its all-electric Lion C school buses. PO is dependent on a non-repayable contribution grant to STC under Canada’s Zero Emission Transportation Fund (ZETF). If approved, STC would become the largest zero-emission bus operator in all of North America.

The Lion Electric Co. ($ LEV) designs and manufactures zero-emission versions of Class 5 to Class 8 commercial trucks, as well as all-electric buses. Since its creation in 2011, the company has continued to develop its fleet of all-electric, intensive-use offers, as well as its customers.

Previously, Lion Electric supplied heavy-duty electric vehicles to companies like Amazon, and worked with commercial fleets at Con Edison and Green Mountain Power to help shift their vehicles to zero-emission options.

It’s also important to note Lion Electric’s early and growing success with electric buses, which has delivered hundreds of them over the past five years.

Earlier this year, we reported an order for Lion electric buses from California’s largest school district, but only ten Lion Cs to begin with.

It now appears that school districts in North America are looking to switch to electric buses faster and on a larger scale, especially with the help of the Canadian government.

If approved, this conditional sale could be crucial for Lion Electric and the future of school buses on the continent.

A child exits a Lion C electric bus / Source: Lion Electric Company

Lion Electric announces purchase order for 1,000 STC buses

In A press release today, The Lion Electric Company announced that it has received a conditional purchase order from Student Transportation of Canada (STC), a subsidiary of Student Transportation of America (STA).

STC said its purchase order to Lion Electric is conditional on an approved non-repayable grant under Infrastructure Canada’s Zero Emission Transit Fund (ZETF).

The ZETF program is something that we Electrek covered in the past and allows the Government of Canada to invest $ 2.75 billion over five years to support public transit and school bus fleets in the transition to electrification.

STC has already submitted its formal request and is awaiting a verdict before it can commit to a full order for 1,000 Lion C Electric school buses.

If approved, STC’s purchase order would make it the largest zero-emission school bus operator in North America – a formidable and forward-thinking achievement. Marc Bedard, CEO and founder of Lion Electric, explained the potential of this pending purchase:

We congratulate STC for their leadership and vision to accelerate the deployment of fully electric school buses in Canada, and we thank them for trusting Lion for such an important transition. This large-scale deployment would position Canada as an undisputed leader in the electrification of school transportation, in large part thanks to innovative programs like the ZETF. We are proud to work with STC, the Caisse de dépôt and the Canadian federal government to provide a cleaner future for our children.

Lion Electric also estimates that the deployment of these 1,000 fully electric school buses would eliminate approximately 23,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. per year, without forgetting the reduction of noise pollution in the districts where the Lion C buses will run.

If Canada’s STC grant is approved, Lion Electric expects deliveries to begin in 2022 and continue through the first half of 2026.

Lion is in the process of erecting what he calls the largest all-electric medium and heavy-duty utility vehicle plant in the United States, which is expected to be completed in the second half of 2022. That’s around the time. there she should start running STC’s electric buses. off the assembly lines for the proposed purchase order.

If approved, Lion Electric will need the production scale of this new facility to deliver this huge bus order for North America. It could be perfect timing.

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