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Third-party coaching and training is important for executive-level employees and results in more effective executive guidance and a ripple effect on the business. Photo: Shutterstock.

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Interaction Consulting is a breath of fresh air in their industry, offering management consulting services with progressive values ​​at heart.

It is a women-founded company, striving to gain endorsement from Reconciliation Australia and Rainbow Health Australia, in their quest to become an inclusive and thriving workplace.

This is an important job for a company whose goal is to offer strategic advice and coaching to senior executives of various other organizations.

“As a management consulting firm, we are absolutely committed to ensuring that our relationship with the community is strong,” said Gareth Norman, CEO of Interaction Consulting.

“And our community is made up of many cultures in a diverse sense. We believe that the way we interact with our community and our journey towards our first reconciliation action plan will serve us well moving forward.

“Ultimately, we want to make sure we have the right consultant having the right conversation with the community and delivering the right results that individuals are looking for.”

Interaction Consulting offers a range of services including strategic advice, learning and development, coaching and mentoring, and facilitation.

They are a registered training organization and take a bespoke approach to solving different problems. They are widely trusted in both the public and private sectors, working with multiple government departments.

Interaction Consulting tackles issues that often plague the board and management of companies large and small, such as compliance versus performance.

Balancing compliance and performance needs is a delicate act, in which Interaction Consulting has nearly three decades of experience.

“In many organizations, performance takes a back seat as board members are largely focused on compliance. regulatory/legal.

“Strengthening the role of the board and senior management is paramount, based on our interactions over the past 28 years.

“The emphasis on compliance is to provide strong governance, accountability and assurance strategies, while performance is directly tied to the creation of value and the use of company resources.

“What we offer at Interaction is the Swiss army knife approach, where we tailor tailored advice, support, training and education that supports strategy implementation and value creation,” said Ms. Norman.

Interaction Consulting has an intimate knowledge of Canberra’s corporate landscape. They have provided extensive training and coaching to the private and public sectors, building customer loyalty, especially in the public sector.

They have worked with the ACT Government, the Attorney General’s Department, the Australian Federal Police and the ATO, among a long list of other highly regarded companies and organisations.

However, the boutique nature of their business means that the solutions are tailored to different needs and also allows them to offer their consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses.

“The repeat business we get from the government and the partnerships we engage in speaks volumes. Over 28 years of service in the Canberra area, most of our customers are repeat customers.

“Our approach is based on word of mouth and the quality of our consultants, trainers and facilitators who help us deliver ideal results to clients.

“Our internal coaches who coach senior executives in government have had these relationships for almost 20 years,” Norman said.

This is branded content for Interaction Consulting

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