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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) – Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan wrapped up his three-day tour of Wisconsin by visiting West Salem and La Crosse on Wednesday morning to speak about the “law on Bipartisan Infrastructure” by President Biden.

Joined by elected officials from Wisconsin, the La Crosse meeting focused on public transit, with the Infrastructure Act providing $5.6 billion to the federal transportation administration to fund transit grants without emission.

The City of La Crosse has unveiled its first pair of zero-emission electric buses.

Congressman Ron Kind said that with Russia’s recent moves toward Ukraine, the United States should move away from foreign oil and move to a zero-emissions solution.

“As long as we have major producing countries of these fossil fuels, we will be held hostage by their evil deeds. We live and see that every day right now with the prices going up at the pumps, that’s one more reason why we need to step down from this accelerator and accelerate the conversion to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.”

EPA Administrator Michael Regan said these buses not only help the environment, but also provide health benefits.

regan speaks

“This is a significant investment opportunity for the health and well-being of members of the La Crosse community and it is simply exciting to be a part of it.” Regan continued, “And the bipartisan Infrastructure Act will provide billions of dollars for cities and towns across the country to invest in similar opportunities.”

MTU buses were manufactured in the United States.


In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, Regan is also thrilled that it will also bring manufacturing jobs to the United States.

And says he hopes zero-emission transportation becomes the American norm.

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