Mumbai: Have a special lane for electric buses to facilitate travel: Experts | Bombay News


Mumbai: BEST is ready to offer more than 1000 silent and pollution-free electric buses, so there is a need for dedicated electric bus lanes to facilitate travel for office workers in Mumbai, ”said Ashok Datar, transport expert from Mumbai Environmental Social. Network on Friday.
He was speaking during a webinar on “Sustainable Mobility and Public Transport” organized by BMC, WRI India, C-40 cities and hosted by NGO Waatavaran and Climate Voices.
Datar, who, along with other experts, met with BEST Managing Director Lokesh Chandra a day earlier, suggested that parking of cars and two-wheelers should be allowed under overflights between CSMT and Sion, and that electric buses should be allowed to use one lane exclusively once its population increases. “There will be around 200 e-buses constantly moving on the dedicated lane with good frequency during rush hour, which will encourage more people to leave their private cars and bikes at home and travel by bus.” , did he declare.
On the electric vehicle (EV) push, Maxson Lewis, CEO of Magenta-ChargeGrid, said: “Even if 10% of transportation were to switch to EVs, the number of charging stations that would be needed would be so huge. We need charging stations in a city where there are not enough parking lots. It requires an ecosystem, the participation of several entities, utility companies, parking lots, charging companies and transport authorities.
Shashank Rao of Mumbai Autorickshaws Union said, “When we talk about a sustainable transport system, we also need to consider the principle of a sustainable lifestyle. The goal of sustainability is good, but if the goal is met without considering how livelihoods (rickshaw drivers) are going to be affected, there is no point. Electric vehicles are welcome, but unless private vehicles are restricted, Mumbai’s transportation problem will not be resolved, he added.


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