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Discussion of what to do with parking and buses with ongoing events at the school resumed part one of the Northeast Local Schools Board meeting on Tuesday.

District Transportation Supervisor Angie Bussing joined the board early in the meeting to discuss a few issues.

“I feel like there are other options,” Superintendent Nicole Wells told council. “Sines (Excavating) offered us a cost to add a lot of stuff around the (existing) building, which could be used as a drive for bus drivers. It could also be used as a potential ground for baseball games.

“We have major issues with parking after school hours,” added Wells. “We have baseball, softball, and track and field and have a limited area. It’s not just because of the construction. It is an ongoing problem.

Buses talking about the existing lot behind the school and the spot of small electric poles are located in the middle of the lot to connect the neighborhood buses for winter use.

“If we take the posts out, which I recommend because they have been and will continue to be affected, not only with buses, but with plows,” Bussing said. “When they plow, they have to try to plow around these posts. It’s hard. To get fuel they (the buses) have to go around the poles and it’s difficult. That’s why someone hit the building, they were trying to miss the posts.

“If we get rid of the poles, we have to at least go around the building,” Bussing continued. “Without that, I lose my driveway to have fuel.”

Ideas were circulated on the possibility of fencing or fencing off the bus area to prevent cars from parking in the parking lot, especially for baseball games.

“They’re going to go around the rope, across the grass,” Bussing told the board. “The problem is they (people) just don’t care. They will stop at the concession stand. There is no limit to where they will park. They will park three deep and park where the buses park.

Two items were approved by the board at the end of the meeting. They accepted the 2,739 square foot weight room expansion at a cost of approximately $ 535,000. It will link the high school gymnasium to the country house. Second, they accepted a transfer of $ 1.5 million for the auditorium of the general fund for capital projects.

In her report to the board, Middle School Principal Lisa Maxwell congratulated student Lukas Bennett on winning the Leader In Me award hosted by Holy Cross Catholic School.

As for information, the district has announced that it is seeking coaches in seventh and eighth grade volleyball and women’s basketball for the 2021-2022 school year.

• approved Joe Aschemeier, Melissa Coressel, Walter Coy, Susan Garmyn, Judy Hancock, Janelle Hoschak, Amanda Westhoven and Jamie Young for uncertified staff contracts.

• endorsed Kari Alstaetter, Larissa Florence, Brett Grime, Kim Grime, Brittany Helberg, Casey Helton, Candace Keller, Brianna Krukowski, Haley Moser, Kyle Norden, Tiffany Profera, Candace Rowland, Sarah Rufenacht, Stephanie Ruffer, Tracy Ruffer, Nicholas Siewart, Haley Sonnenberg, Erin Stanley, Katie Stiverson, Laney Swary, Michael Walker and Kacee Weber on certified staff contracts.

• approved an ongoing contract for bus driver Bryan Etzler.

• Offered one-year contracts to Brenda Arps (District Co-Technology Director) and Craig Rutter (Sporting Director).

• offered three-year administrative contracts to Sara Buchhop (treasurer), Lisa Maxwell (college principal) and Eric Tipton (primary school principal).

• Offered one-year contracts to Megan Wiles (second grade), Danae Myers (third grade), Janelle Hoschak (elementary aide), Reid Anders (sixth grade), Eric Engel (high school math) and Timo Acker ( German in high school).

• Approved summer help not exceeding 40 hours per week at $ 16.69 per hour.

• Approved an agreement with the Defiance County Board of DD with a tuition fee of $ 5,000 per student.

• Approved additional contracts with Kris Lymanstall (men’s basketball), Reid Anders (seventh grade men’s basketball), Isaac Lee (volunteer athletics) and Brent Renollet (men’s golf).

• Approved Andrew Thiel’s transfer from a grade seven boys ‘basketball coach to a grade eight boys’ basketball coach.

• approved the change in the price of the adult breakfast from $ 3.75 to $ 3.95.

• approved a women’s basketball trip June 25-27; FFA camp from June 28 to July 2 and volleyball tournament from July 12 to 14.

• approved Eric Spiller as part-time District Technology Co-Director effective August 1 for the 2021-2022 school year, 29 hours per week.

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