Ohio State Graduate and Vocational Schools by the Numbers

Students enter the 2019 commencement ceremony at Ohio Stadium. Credit: Amal Said | Lantern Photo File

This story was originally published in September 2021.

The economic recovery from the pandemic has begun and graduating students have more job prospects than they did a year ago.

While graduate degree holders earn more on average than lower level degree holders, according to Social Securityfinal salary depends on industry, among other factors, Scott Kustis, director of Industry Connections at the Center for Career and Professional Success, said in an email.

Meet a career coach; getting a mentor; explore as many professional development opportunities as possible while studying; develop a professional network; join the student chapters of industry professional groups,” Kustis said.

Ohio State’s graduate programs with the largest enrollments are Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Nursing, Education and Human Ecology, and Social Work, according to analysis and reports from the State of Ohio. website.

arts and sciences

Ranked #1 for Graduate Student Enrollment, Arts & Science Graduate Programs include masters and doctorate. programs in fields of study such as psychology, chemistry and political science. In the fall 2021 semester, there were about 2,300 graduate students enrolled in arts and science programs, only a handful fewer than in the fall 2020 semester, according to Ohio State’s latest enrollment. report.

While there are many areas within the college, overall they haven’t suffered the same declines in enrollment as bachelor’s and community college programs due to the pandemic, said Brad Hershbein, associate director of research at the WE Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.

“People who get into graduate programs are usually a bit further along in life,” Hershbein said. “They tend to have a little higher income and are otherwise somewhat insulated against many of the forces that were reducing enrollment.”

Graduates with a master’s degree in psychology usually win about $57,000 a year five years after graduation, while graduates with a master’s degree in physical science earn about $59,000 and graduates with a master’s degree in communications, journalism, or a related field in average about $68,000 per year.

When compared to average annual salary graduates with only bachelor’s degrees in these fields, graduates with master’s degrees earn an average of $15,000 more per year.


With the second-highest enrollment, Ohio State’s graduate program currently has 1,700 engineering graduate students.

According to the US Census Bureau, although engineering students with a bachelor’s degree can expect to win approximately $75,000 five years after graduation, graduates with a master’s degree in engineering to earn nearly $88,000 per year.

According to a US Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the architecture and engineering sector will grow by around 6% by 2030 – a standard rate for other industries – and create 146,000 new jobs each year.

Hershbein said degrees that were in demand before the pandemic will likely still be in demand in the future, so engineering students are likely to find it relatively easy to find jobs.

Feeding with milk

Enrolling 1,067 students, the third largest graduate program this year is nursing. According to United States Census Bureauhealth professionals with a graduate degree earn, on average, nearly $20,000 more per year than those with only a bachelor’s degree.

Graduate students in health fields have another advantage, as the demand for people trained in health fields is high, Hershbein said.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics projectionsfive of the 20 fastest growing industries from 2019 to 2029 will be in the health care and social assistance sectors.

Education and human ecology

The Education and Human Ecology graduate program enrolled 1,024 students this semester, and on average, graduates with master’s degrees in education earn about $10,000 more than their peers with just a bachelor’s degree, according to the analysis and reporting site.

The education market is expected to grow at a rate of almost 4% per year until 2025, according to a Research and Markets report. The demand for skilled labor in education is increasing so, especially in K-12 education.

Social work

The fifth most popular graduate program in Ohio State is social work, with 1,013 students enrolled. Social work enrollment also saw one of the highest growth rates between the fall 2020 and 2021 semesters, at around 14%, according to the analysis and reporting site.

While the pay gap between bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social service professions is smaller than others at around $8,500, Hershbein said those professions were in high demand before the pandemic.

“A lot of those jobs have been lost during the pandemic because so much of it is in person,” Hershbein said. “There just aren’t a lot of funds that have been given out because of so many cuts.”

According to Bureau of Labor Statisticsthe social work industry is expected to grow by approximately 10% over the next decade, creating 78,300 new jobs each year.

Demand for these occupations is expected to rebound once funding is restored, Hershbein said.

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