OODA Loop – Hong Kong Records Record Turnout in First “Chinese Patriots Only” Election

A record turnout was recorded in the first “patriots only” legislative elections in Hong Kong. This reflects a decline in civic and political engagement after Beijing’s overhaul of the city’s electoral processes. The provisional turnout was 30.2% at the end of the elections, the previous record was 43.6% in 2000. The city offered free public transport to go to the polls all day, but many Hong Kong people took the free trains and buses to the hiking trails and campsites.

Pro-establishment candidates claimed the 20 seats in the available constituencies and none of the city’s main pro-democracy parties claimed a seat. City leader Carrie Lam thanked voters on Sunday evening after improvements to the electoral system. This election comes after the National Security Law which prohibits secession, subversion and collusion with foreign forces and transformed the social and political structure of the city. New electoral reforms were also passed in March, giving the government increased powers of control and reducing the public’s ability to vote directly. In addition, only “patriots” selected by the government or those loyal to Beijing and the Communist Party can stand for election.

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