Polyglot PA documents without passport move from Ukraine to Poland on TikTok

What does a 20-year-old who has never traveled alone do when he wants to become a journalist and wants to know more about the tensions between Russia and Ukraine?

Manny Marotta, 25, from Pittsburgh, decided to fly to Ukraine and experience an impending war.

Marotta traveled to Ukraine in early February with the intention of staying at least 30 days, but within two weeks was forced to flee for his life with thousands of others after being woken up by sirens airstrike on February 24, he said in a TikTok video.

The 2019 University of Pittsburgh graduate attempted to leave but, like everyone else in the country, he quickly realized that all major transportation was closed.

It was then that he decided to walk from Lviv, in western Ukraine, to Poland.

Along the way, he saw “hundreds of thousands of people” get out of cars that had run out of gas, take all their things and walk to Poland, he said in TikTok.

He marched with thousands without proper winter clothing, food or water in the dark, carrying whatever they could as Russia bombarded the country.

Less than 10 miles from the border, the group was stopped by Ukrainian soldiers who were there to tell President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s group the conscription notice for all Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60.

After the men left the group, they walked to a doorway where people were allowed in groups of 10 every 20 minutes, Marotta says in the video. But eventually he arrived in Medyka, Poland.

We would say that Marotta succeeded and his mission to launch his career as a journalist. He has now appeared on dozens of media around the world to share what he saw in five languages, English, Russian, German, Italian and French.

He now describes himself as “the first Western journalist to walk with the caravan of refugees from Lviv, Ukraine during the Russian invasion.”

He’s now back in the US, which is impressive since he apparently did all of this without a US passport.

He has already shared plans to continue his journalistic covering efforts.

He now reports independently on the situation in Ukraine through a Twitter account known as Ukraine Conflict Live 2022, which has already garnered over 88,000 followers.

You can follow his coverage of the conflict here.

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