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In the years since the 1993 shooting, Coach K told Billboard he felt “something was still missing.” But he was ultimately motivated to go back to school after speaking with his former basketball coach and mentor in 2018, who asked him if he had ever thought about finishing what he started in St. Augustine, at a tailgate celebration on return from college. “At the time my grandmother was still alive and it was really my dream, I always wanted to see the face of my mother and my grandmother when I walked through this scene”, says the son and the little one. – adorable son. “I was like, ‘Dude, I’d love to go back to school afterwards. “He quickly met with senior management to discuss re-enrollment and revealed his intention to create both a scholarship and a studio for St. Augustine University” that the kids can tell was theirs.

Coach K first went to college as a freshman in 1989 and attended Indiana University – Purdue University in Indianapolis (IUPUI). He had received a basketball scholarship to attend Clark University in Atlanta, but the only child wanted to stay close to his mother, who had always been incredibly supportive.

“I grew up in the city center and my mother protected me,” he recalls. “She kept me busy playing sports, everything that was going on around me. There was drug trafficking, there was prostitution when I left my house. But she kept me busy and grounded so it never attacked me. My mom was at every basketball game. She has never missed a game in my life. I stayed home so she could watch me play.

Although he continued to play ball at IUPUI, the aspiring music director told Billboard, “I didn’t do very well academically, so I ended up going to junior college. in Iowa. It was a big culture shock for me, like a really big culture shock. There were maybe 30 blacks all over town.

But things got better when a childhood friend he played high school basketball with called him up saying: [to SAU] you can get a scholarship. ‘ After a visit to St. Augustine University, Coach K told Billboard that he immediately knew this was the perfect school for him: “At that point, I told Coach : “I come to play ball here. ‘”

He quickly found himself around some of the dangerous activities his mother had tried so hard to protect him from throughout his upbringing. “When I walked away from my mother’s house, the temptation was so strong because it was right in front of me,” he says. This proximity ultimately led to the fateful shooting that left him hospitalized for months, unable to walk.

“I am here [suffering], a high school student and I came to college to play basketball, ”he recalls. But distressing as it was, the music director found his calling during his five-month hospitalization and subsequent recovery – which he said lasted around three years – when he started using music. as a form of “escape”. Coach K says that even though his grandmother passed away just a year before graduating from college, “She saw her grandson succeed in the music industry, the thing he fell in love with after his graduation. almost fatal accident. “

Almost 30 years later, Lee is the man who discovered the Migos trio on the Billboard charts, an art collector who proudly supports Black, living artists and owner of a “1989 BMW M3 Cabriolet Unicorn,” donated for his anniversary by longtime business partner and CEO of Quality Control Music Pierre “Pee” Thomas. “Only [786] from these [cars] have been made around the world and I’m probably the only one in the US with that, ”says Coach K, who recently founded a social club called Uptown Car Club to deepen his passion for vintage engines.

He also recently founded the Betty Brooks Foundation, in honor of his late grandmother, to run community campaigns including grocery drives, coat drives and back-to-school initiatives for people in need. “She was the glue that held everyone together,” he recalls. In partnership with Quality Control Music, the organization hosted its first-ever food drive in its native Indianapolis on May 15.

For Coach, getting his bachelor’s degree and receiving an honorary doctorate from his alma mater “is super important”, but he is especially proud to have started Quality Control Music alongside Thomas in March 2013 after entering the industry in as Music Director in 1997. “This is the greatest achievement of my musical career. We’ve built a brand that stands for something, ”he says. “We were proud to continue to develop talent like the old Motown way. “

Coach K’s ambitions for quality control continue to grow. Recently, the company has ventured into film and television, sports management and technology industries. Musically, Quality Control Music artists Lil Baby and Lil Durk released the collaborative rap album. The voice of heroes on Friday June 4, as the Migos get ready to release their highly anticipated album, Culture III, June 11.

And although it took Coach K nearly three years to recover from the 1993 shooting and regain his mobility, he told Billboard, “If I had to do it over, I would do it the same way.” These are learning experiences that you have to go through to learn more about life. If I hadn’t had this experience, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

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