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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Dangerous wind chill values hit central Indiana on Wednesday morning. Nearly 100 schools have delayed or gone to virtual learning, due to cold weather.

Most school districts in Indiana said they considered wind chill when making decisions and wouldn’t allow students to stand outside if the “look-alike” temperature was -19 degrees. Many school districts are following the guidelines of the National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart. It decomposes when frostbite will occur after some time outdoors.

Courtesy: National Weather Service

Beech Grove officials said if the wind chill was -19 degrees or lower at 7 a.m., they would delay school by two hours. If it is expected to be so cold at 9 am they are considering closing. The Carmel-Clay School District has a similar delay and closure procedure. Schools in southeast Hamilton are also following the -19 degree wind chill rule, especially as elementary school children board the buses first, around 6:30 a.m.

“As a school district, we pay attention to how long our students spend at these bus stops. Where that wind chill is a factor. What the National Weather Service says is a factor as they stand at the bus stop. What is too long and when does this wind chill really start to impact frostbite opportunities,” said Zach McKinney, transport manager for HSE Schools.

Schools in South East Hamilton said that generally if it is below 10 degrees outside there is a crew that arrives early to start the buses, to make sure they are at the warm inside when the kids go upstairs.

Most districts said they were thankful snow hasn’t been a big issue so far this winter.

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