Sherwood Park to Launch New On-Demand Transit Pilot Program


Strathcona County is going to try something new with its transit system.

Council unanimously approved a pilot on-demand transit program focused on maximizing efficiency and effectiveness for users.

The program would offer evening and weekend services with two more mobility vehicles added during the pilot. It will operate in Sherwood Park and is expected to start in May 2022.

Residents will be able to download an application and book their trips and follow their buses in real time. Buses will be able to pick up people in the same area and take them to their destination by the most efficient route. It is estimated that runners should be able to be recovered in about 30 minutes.

“It will provide a lot more flexibility. It will be much faster for customers, and really, if you want to get people out of their cars and get them into the transit system, you have to make sure it’s affordable and it’s quick and that it’s efficient for customers, ”explained Derek Zabel, responsible for conventional transportation with the county.

The county expects this to be a more cost effective method, as mobility buses are smaller, which is more efficient to use in the evening with fewer passengers than larger buses. The administration expects to save approximately $ 635,000 from the on-demand approach during the pilot period.

This will last until December 2023; the board will consider putting this system in place permanently if the pilot goes well.

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