Shrey Khanna’s way to fitness – investing in the body for a healthy lifestyle

Human beings make many investments throughout their life. Oddly enough, not much is aligned with feeling healthy. No wonder more than two billion adults are overweight and 650 million obese worldwide. An increased consumption of high calorie foods, which are so readily available, combined with reduced physical activity, can be attributed to the problem.

Holder of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Narsee Monjee Institute for Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai, Shrey has work experience as an executive search consultant who has worked in a profile recruitment of leaders. Quit his financially stable job to start this startup to help people get in shape using their habit-based coaching model, where not only do they give you a diet and workout, but they make sure you learn new habits and unlearn some to maintain the progress you have made.

The story of Shrey Khanna and his business,, is an honest story of turning from an obese teenager into someone who maintained that physique effortlessly. And the only thing he realized was that until you learn a few behaviors and habits while changing your mindset, it’s almost impossible to keep your progress.

His history, he passed his certifications and acquired scientific knowledge and became a Premium level coach with Fittr where he personally coached more than 1000 clients. His love for coaching and the impact on a life led to the formation of his startup named The Fit Chase. This paved the way for the formation of a team of 9 like-minded coaches who are very experienced and skilled in habit-based coaching and have the ability to teach how to embrace fitness as a way of life and not just achieve certain hypothetical standards of aesthetics in the shortest possible time.

The Fit Chase is an online fitness coaching platform that started in 2020, structuring Shrey Khanna’s visions to promote a healthy lifestyle.

First, a questionnaire on habits and personality is given to the client at first, which helps the coach to understand whether the client’s setting, his dietary preferences, who cooks at home, what equipment is available, etc. onboarding call, where an in-depth discussion about goal setting and acquisition takes place.

After that, the Coach returns with a nutrition and training plan that mentions the foods to eat as well as the time and amount of consumption. The uniqueness of their programs is that they are completely homemade foods; they don’t ask the customer to get fancy foods and supplements.

Likewise, their workout plans are customized based on clients’ starting strength levels, and they are presented very well with the right frequency, intensity, and volume for the client to get the most out of their workout. .

They track progress weekly through a video call with a coach. Their unique feature allows coaches to maximize the time spent with the client to create real change.

Fit Chase programs do not encourage any absurd concept of abrupt body transformations overnight. Their dedicated team of highly experienced coaches work closely with each client to understand their goals and provide tailored solutions for long-term fitness and health. With 24/7 virtual support via weekly messages and video calls, clients find their coaches their best friends during the training period. Your coach helps you with everything you need, whether it’s recipes, motivation, training form or technical analysis, to get you from point A to point B.

Shrey’s Comments: “The fitness industry in India is largely dispersed and fragmented. The exponential growth proves that this industry is waiting to be organized. As a vulnerable young entrepreneur, the top three driving forces that drive me to attempt to fill the gaps in the fitness market at The Fit Chase are:

– Booming industry

– My knowledge of the domain

– Passion for Industry ”

Shrey has found that changing physical structure is not as big a challenge as changing someone’s mindset in their professional journey. He comments: “We have struggled to sell long-term sustainable change. People take the time to trust a service like this which is intangible and online and a relatively new concept. Therefore, the reason for bodily transformations must come from a place where one loves and accepts the uniqueness of his body, rather than hating it and forcing it to have a certain appearance. Shrey bases his future endeavors on this psychology; He says, “We plan to deepen the psychology and behavior of clients because we know that regardless of having the best diets and workout plans, people fail their fitness journeys over and over again. . “

The Fitness Chase is therefore one of the best platforms in the business today, and perhaps due to its optimistic mindset, the business has been profitable from day one with revenue growth from day one. ‘quarter to quarter over the past three quarters. He has successfully served over 3,000 clients around the world, boosting their confidence, physical energy and, most importantly, their health.

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