SMTD explores the use of hydrogen buses

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) – The Sangamon Transit District has announced that it is exploring the idea of ​​adopting Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus (HFCB) technology for its buses and fueling depots.

SMTD has not yet committed to the technology, but said it was “very interested” based on several elements. The adoption of HFBC technology would allow the replacement of diesel buses without having to add additional buses to the existing fleet. HFCBs also appear to perform better in extreme weather conditions than alternative fuel vehicles, and the SMTD is already familiar with some of the safety measures required with HFCBs, having operated compressed natural gas buses that have similar measures for more than a decade.

The SMTD said it was exploring how to transition its fleet to more environmentally friendly and zero-emission buses, with HFCBs being part of that discussion. Adopting the technology could even allow SMTD to consider energy independence from the power grid in the future.

Several other transit districts across the country, including the Champaign-Urbana Transit District, have already adopted HFCB technology in their fleets.

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