SUMMARY | Has a coach found their winning artist? THE VOICE AUSTRALIA #TheVoiceAU


The Voice delivered a hearty competition on Sunday night as megastar coaches Keith Urban, Rita Ora, Guy Sebastian and Jessica mauboy came one-on-one on everything from high-stakes pitching to finding who could hold the ground longest.

The blind auditions continued with cafe worker Arlo Sim, who Keith believes could win the series; the group of gifted girls G-Nat! on, whom Rita has promised to follow to the end; and a fearless artist whose story of survival has stunned coaches.

But it was the incredible lung capacity of Victoria’s Aaron Lee that saw the coaches put on a different kind of competition, as Guy challenged his three fellow superstars to see who could hold a note the longest.

Monday night on The Voice, a familiar face takes the stage for the most personal performance yet, but with just two nights of blind auditions, it will be harder than ever to turn a chair.

The performers tonight on The Voice were:

Artist: Arlo Sim, 18 NSW
Song: My Spirit (Yebba)
Chair circumference: four
Team: Keith
Cafe clerk Arlo dreamed of a career in music, and as soon as he stepped onto the stage of The Voice, coaches were sure his dreams would come true. The extraordinary performer left the coaches spellbound as they not only heard but felt his voice, which led to a competitive pitch-off.
Rita: “Whatever happens, it will be your job for the rest of your life.”
Jess: “Honestly, I think we saw the best singer on the show… you’re going to make it through.
Guy: “If you can do that in your blind hearing, I’m just wondering where we can get to the Grand Final. “
Keith: “Maybe we just saw the winner of The Voice right there. “

Artist: G-Nat! On, Taylah (17), Isla (16), Mateja (15), Rylee (16), Alessia (16) and Emma
(18), SA
Song: Dents (5 seconds of summer)
Chair circumference: four
Trainer: Rita
Inspired by iconic girl groups like the Spice Girls, the exceptional harmonies, dance moves and style of G-Nat! We spun the four coaches. Rita took her passionate speech to the next level by hopping on stage to declare that as a coach she could take the gifted group to the Grand Final.
Rita: “I swear to you that if you come with me, I will take you all the way. I promise you…. I’m just going to help you navigate this ship you’re already on and it’s not going to sink on Team Rita.
Jess: “You’ve perfected who you are and as a band. It was absolutely stunning and it blew me away.

Artist: Lau Abend, 21, New South Wales
Song: You Broke Me First (Tate McRae)
Chair circumference: four
Team: Keith
After a terrifying scuba diving accident at age 16, Lau vowed, “If I’m going to survive today, I’m going to make music my career. His story and profound performance left the coaches speechless, all wanting to guarantee the touching artist for their team.
Keith: “It’s a great balance of courage, fearlessness and deep gratitude… you have a talent given by God. “
Rita: “Your vulnerability is your greatest power. “

Artist: Danielle Matthews, 37, VIC
Song: Zero Gravity (Kate Miller-Heidke)
Chair round: Three (Rita, Guy and Jess)
Team: Guy
Co-Artistic Director of The Choir of Hard Knocks – a choir for the underprivileged – Danielle took a stimulating song to the stage of The Voice and it paid off.
Jess: “You killed that, I’m literally speechless within your reach. I would love to have you on my team.
Guy: “This audition was wonderful. “
Rita: “What a beautiful voice, such power… I’m so excited for you, I’m so glad you came here.”

Artist: Bec Caruana, 45, NSW
Song: Everyone is free (Rozalla)
Chair round: Two (Rita and Jess)
Team: Jess
After a recording deal and two Top 40 singles in his twenties, Bec’s music career struggled under the pressure of the industry’s shift towards file sharing. She revealed, “I went from pop star to waitress in just five seconds.” With her daughter and partner by her side, Bec is ready to return to the limelight.
Jess: “I’m looking for a voice like yours and I think you would be really unstoppable… you are exceptional.
Rita: “I really want you to know that you have power, you can really stand up and you deserve to be on stage. “

Artist: JD Smith, 36, NSW
Song: Bonjour (Adèle)
Chair round: Three (Keith, Guy and Jess)
Team: Keith
JD joined the Ten Tenors in 2015 and has toured the world, but the current stay-at-home dad came to The Voice to fulfill his dream of becoming a solo artist. Jess identified with the ambition to launch out as a solo artist, but it was Keith who got on all fours and begged to be JD’s trainer.
Keith: “It was a great performance. “
Jess: “I really felt all the things you were feeling, that urge to want to release yourself and you really showed that kind of burning excitement in wanting to do that.”

Artist: Aaron Lee, 28 VIC
Song: My Heart Will Go On (Céline Dion)
Chair circumference: none
Aaron didn’t turn any chairs, but won the props from the trainers for his passion and how long he was able to maintain a note in Celine Dion’s epic ballad. When Guy offered the coaches an impromptu challenge to see who could hold a note the longest, Aaron’s heart – and voice – won the challenge.

The Voice continues at 7:30 p.m. Monday and Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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