The amazing price of Ford Electric F-150 lighting


The Lightning can store so much energy that, in the event of a power failure, it can provide a home’s normal energy use for three days, according to Ford. If the house saves energy, it can keep the lights on for more than a week, Zhang said. Speaking of this feature, Ford employees and Farley himself referred to the power outages in Texas. Lightning is a technology of resilience, climate adaptation.

5. From a chemical perspective, decarbonization – the shift away from carbon-based fossil fuels – is a shift to less dense forms of energy. Gasoline, for its many shortcomings, contains a huge amount of potential energy in a very small amount of mass. Moving away from that means, in practical terms, that electric vehicles will be much heavier than gasoline vehicles. The F-150 Lightning weighs 6,500 pounds, about the same as the gargantuan Hummer H2 of the mid-2000s. The battery alone weighs 1,800 pounds.

They are heavy and dangerous vehicles. Ford has announced that it will be sending software updates to its electric vehicles by air, and that it will soon push its new autonomous driving feature, BlueCruise, to its electric vehicle fleet. But the Lightning’s tonnage, in particular, means it has to mostly give priority to advanced safety functions, sensors and automatic braking. Otherwise, pedestrians, cyclists and drivers of smaller and lighter vehicles will die.

6. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the F-150 Lightning is that its target audience is not necessarily consumers. For the first time ever, Ford is selling a version of the F-150 aimed at corporate fleet managers: think landscaping companies, HVAC repair companies, electricians, any company that operates multiple trucks at once. . Corporate fleets are, in many ways, even better suited to electrification than consumer vehicles. They’re driven every day but rarely cover long distances, they benefit from the lower maintenance costs of an electric vehicle, and they’re usually stored in one place overnight, meaning they can be recharged overnight. . Ford says that for the first time, fleet managers will be able to see the location of all their trucks on a map, and they will be able to monitor their load levels remotely. This combination of lower fuel costs and greater monitoring of the workplace seems to me to be a guarantee of electrification of many corporate fleets.

7. And that signals a change for Ford, most of the American automakers. In recent years, companies that specialize in one or another sector of the economy – food delivery or taxi service, for example – have chased higher ratings by claiming to be technology companies. . But the start of electrification means that automakers in fact be technology companies, and almost content businesses: Ford customers will spend a good portion of their day viewing a screen, and Ford will need to constantly improve the viewing experience.

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