The * gameHERs Award Show Preview presented by Conference One


Conference One presented a preview for the * gameHERs awards ceremony. The awards show aims to highlight some of the best women in esports and to promote the participation of women in esport. Verta Maloney, co-founder of * gameHERs, who has over 20 years of experience as a school educator, leader and leadership coach, joined the show to discuss the wonderful things * gameHERs do. and what to look for in show prices. Host Greg Mescall joined Verta Maloney to start the show. November 18 at 7 p.m. is, you can watch the gameHERs rewards * live on their Twitch channel. The * gameHERs Awards Show is the only awards show in the field of game and content created by women, for women, making it a special event for women experts in the industry.

Verta Maloney was not alone in the panel. Ahman Green, Lakeland Esports coach and former Green Bay Packers player who was inducted into the Hall of Fame, was also on the show. Ahman Green explained how he went from soccer to esports and talked about his passion for both growing up. He took over as Lakeland’s coach just before the pandemic and has finally started to return to normalcy in his role. He and Verta Maloney created a star panel to discuss the awards.

Verta explained how the * gameHERs got started. She and co-founder Heather looked around the room at an Esports event and realized that men were represented the most by a wide margin. They made it their mission to give a voice to women in the industry. They want to show young people that they are represented at the highest level in the industry.

“We talked to hundreds of thousands of women who gamble and basically asked them, ‘What do you want? And the rewards was one of those things where we were like, ‘Wait, how doesn’t that already exist?’ “Verta Maloney

The creation of these awards is also very important to the industry. Verta Malony also mentions the purpose of the awards to reward those who do the same for the industry but who are not talked about with the same frequency. Verta Maloney also explains that the purpose of the awards is also to combat the toxicity women face in the industry. Women tend to hear vulgarity towards them when playing games, which can discourage them from taking the next steps in the industry. Verta Maloney discusses this important dialogue while her pup Murphy listens and wants to join us.

To go along with what Verta Maloney discussed, Ahman Green discusses another major dilemma in esports – mental health. Esport without the budget for a high performance football program can result in reduced resources. One thing Ahman wanted to do was bring the mental side to the fore. Ahman Green talks about the discussions he is having with his players to get rid of the butterflies and work on this anxiety they may have, which could be so important for any Esports program to embrace until they have them. funds to hire a psychologist for the team.

“I didn’t realize until my first year that I had anxiety watching myself play, good or bad, and we have a team psychologist who was able to bring it out in me and me. let it be recognized “Ahman Green.

Verta Maloney was able to expand on the point made by Ahman Green. Women face an even bigger mental hurdle in the industry due to the lack of representation so far. The gameHERs rewards fight this by showing the representation that should be shown, hopefully removing that aspect of the mental barrier that might prevail.

“While there is anxiety about playing this really tough team, there is that other level on top of that, and it’s not just for the women to overcome that, but for the teams of create inclusive spaces “Verta Maloney.

Verta Maloney was very excited to talk about the awards presented at the awards ceremony. One award that stood out was the Content Creator Award, which received over 60,000 votes. The others that interested him a lot were Streamer of the Year and Rising Streamer of the Year. The latter is a way to give an opinion to a newcomer in this industry.

“The rewards make you rework hard for something you’ve worked hard for before. This motivates you to get this incentive again ”Ahman Green.

Anthony Gaud, an Emmy Award-winning entrepreneur, has joined the games and tech panel that is the co-founder of G3 Esports. After giving kind and heartfelt words to Verta Maloney, he explained how he got involved with the * gameHERs. He runs the Conference One esports program and helps with Garden State Esports for the high school level; he wanted to help improve the representation of girls in the industry as he saw it firsthand.

“Men can see women as an object, and we will not tolerate that. We had an event in the first conference that led to several suspensions, and we want to get rid of it as a whole.”Antoine Gaud.

There is no better time to start talking about esports issues as the industry is going to take off very soon. Anthony Gaud discussed the impact of esports in other countries like South Korea, and as it grows here, it’s important to lay the groundwork for representation for all. Ahman Green has even discussed representing LGBTQIA + in the industry as he currently has a transgender player on his Lakeland roster. While the * gameHERs aims to create spaces for women in this industry, Verta Maloney also talks about the need for representation for all.

“We will do everything we can to get you to stop doing what is wrong. Everyone goes into business to make money, but you also have the opportunity to do what is right for morality. must do what you think is right “Antoine Gaud.

There’s nothing better to watch than the * gameHERs Awards, which will take place Thursday, November 18 at 7 p.m. ET. Join the feed through the * gameHERs twitch and be a part of something special and hopefully representative of the future of esports.


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