The government is committed to developing public transport and logistics towards 100% clean energy sources: Gadkari



NEW DELHI: Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari said the government is committed to shifting public transport and logistics to 100% green and clean energy sources.
Addressing a symposium on international automotive technology, he said that the national hydrogen mission launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi aims to develop hydrogen technologies for the benefit of the mobility sector and to make India the leader in the production and use of green hydrogen.
He said green hydrogen qualifies as the fuel of the future and it is the only fuel that can help us achieve the zero carbon mission.
Gadkari said India’s auto industry is the pride of the country and he is confident it will take Indian manufacturing to new heights.
The minister said that the recently launched production-related incentive program aims to boost “advanced automotive technology products” in the Indian automotive sector will help reduce fossil fuel emissions.
Gadkari said the government expects the program to lead to a new investment of more than Rs 42,500 crore and the creation of an additional 7.5 lakh jobs in the sector.
Referring to public transport, he said the need at the moment is to develop import-substitution, cost-effective, pollution-free and indigenous mobility solutions for India and that dependence on imported crude oil must be scaled down.
“We also plan to introduce flex-fuel vehicles that allow vehicles to run on 100% ethanol and gasoline,” he said.
He said Flex motor vehicles are already operating in the United States, Brazil and Canada.
According to an official statement, the minister said the technology is readily available and it is only a matter of time to take the step that will forever transform India’s transport landscape.
He said safety on Indian roads needs to be improved as every year around 1.5 lakh people die on Indian roads in nearly 5 lakh of accidents.
The minister said that the concept of zero accidents and zero loss of life was adopted in India, like that of European countries.


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