These Livermore companies get the biggest PPP loans


LIVERMORE, CA – More than 350 companies in Livermore were among 87,000 California businesses and nonprofits that received loans from the Federal Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, to help pay their employees during the pandemic coronavirus, according to data released this week.

The loans, varying in amount, were established under the federal government’s CARES Act and are canceled as long as companies keep their employees on their payroll, without reducing wages.

On Monday, the US Small Business Administration released data showing that nearly 5 million businesses have received PPP loans of more than $ 150,000, for a total of more than $ 521 billion. The US Treasury says the money supported 51.1 million jobs.

In California, more than 4.1 million jobs have been kept thanks to loans over $ 150,000, according to the SBA. They have visited a variety of organizations, from small restaurants to large companies with hundreds of employees.

Livermore businesses and nonprofits approved for the highest loan tranche, receiving between $ 5 million and $ 10 million, included:

  • Lilja corporation
  • Quickserve Companies
  • Wente Bros.

Livermore businesses and nonprofits approved for the second-highest loan tranche, receiving between $ 2-5 million, included:

  • AMS Restaurants
  • ARBM inc. and Q&W inc.
  • Evans Brothers
  • Host site services
  • IMG companies
  • Ishar Investments
  • Kier & Wright Civil Engineers and Surveyors
  • MCH Electric
  • Top notch mechanical service
  • Protective optics
  • Quikserve Northwest
  • RJC
  • RJMS Company
  • Tennyson Electric
  • Westco Iron Plant

These 10 Livermore companies and nonprofits have signaled their intention to retain the most workers, thanks to their PPP loan:

  • Wente Bros. (500 jobs retained)
  • Quikserve Northwest (500 jobs retained)
  • ARBM Inc., and Q&W Inc. (383 jobs retained)
  • LJ Interiors (350 jobs retained)
  • Green Valley Group (270 jobs retained)
  • Westco Iron Works (257 jobs retained)
  • RJC (250 jobs retained)
  • RJMS Corp. (234 positions retained)
  • Quikserve Concepts (215 positions retained)
  • FJC Management (204 positions retained)

Want to see how other Livermore businesses have performed? Check out this searchable database of all California businesses that have received PPP loans here.

Patch employees Nick Garber, Lucas Combos, and Shannon Antinori contributed to this report.

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