TikTok: Bus Drivers and Farmers Challenge Stereotypes



Liv is getting ready to welcome a few passengers!

Throughout the pandemic, key workers have been busy keeping the buses moving, food in our supermarkets and now some of them are picky. stereotypes on TikTok.

Over the years some jobs have been dominated by men and just 47 years ago London welcomed its very first female bus driver!

Since then, many more women have become bus drivers, but the industry is still dominated by men.

According to a 2018 study by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), there were 120,000 male bus and coach drivers, compared to 9,000 women.

Liv on TikTok@ Delivery / TikTok

Liv often uses TikTok to answer people’s questions

20-year-old bus driver Liv Rayment shares her exciting and sometimes bizarre bus journeys on TikTok. She thinks people are more and more accepting women who do their jobs.

Liv bought her own bus when she was just 15 and now works full time in her hometown.

She said: “People can be judgmental, I am verbally abused on the roads, they think I am a young woman who does not know what I am doing.”

“But overall it’s not bad, the few people don’t want to get on my bus but by sharing my videos online it was a really good response, I’m getting good messages.”

Over the past year on TikTok, women in this type of role have grown in popularity.

The #postwomen hashtag reached 4.1 million views, #postlady 2 million and the women sharing their life experiences working on a farm hashtags #girlswhofarm registered a whopping 28 million views!

Life on the farm

Jess kisses a bull on the farmMissFarming

Jess talks about life on the farm to her 160,000 followers on TikTok

Jess, also known as Missfarming, spends her days caring for farm animals and uses her online platform to encourage more girls to learn more about life on the farm.

She told Newsround: “I love to educate people that women can farm. I didn’t know how many young women farmers are there and we have created a community from there.

“It’s a male dominated industry, but in my experience the men are supportive and they want young men and women to go into farming, and if you’re a young girl who wants to be a farmer, know you can.

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